TLC UNEXPECTED Did Jenna and Aden break up?

TLC Unexpected Jenna and Aden break up

It appears as though fan favorite TLC Unexpected couple Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright are breaking up. Jenna seemingly confirmed the split during an Instagram Q&A earlier today.
“Are you with Aden,” one of Jenna’s followers asked her. “We are separating but there are no hard feelings,” Jenna replied.

The separation announcement comes less than two weeks after Jenna previously hinted on Instagram that she and Aden might be on the outs. An Instagram follower asked Jenna if she was still living with her dad, Matt Ronan. “No I haven’t since January!” Jenna began her response. “I’m currently looking for an apartment for Luca and I though!”

In a follow-up question, Jenna was asked why she was looking for an apartment. “It’s time to grow,” Jenna explained, adding a heart to her message.

Aden reportedly responded to Jenna’s apartment-seeking reveal by writing, “First I’m hearing this.”

The TLC Unexpected forums and social media pages buzzed about the split for a couple days before Jenna diffused the rumor by admitting that she was just being petty. She posted a video with Aden on TikTok and wrote: “Who got petty and posted an Instagram story that they were looking for an apartment only to regret it the next day?”

Jenna furthered her mea culpa with a caption: “I was having a moment sorry guys it won’t happen again 🤍🤍🤍🤍.”

As you might expect, Aden hasn’t posted anything about the split. His most recent Instagram post was a gallery of two photos of son Luca on November 9.

Fans curious to know why Jenna and Aden called it quits may not have to wait very long. Jenna and Aden will be returning for Unexpected Season 5, which is set to premiere Sunday, March 6 a 10/9c on TLC.

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