Jenna & Aden split teased in new Unexpected Season 5 preview trailer

TLC Unexpected Season 5 cast revealed Jenna Lilly Tyra Emersyn Taylor

TLC’s popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected returns for a fifth season on March 6. As we previously reported, the new season will feature several familiar faces and two new moms.

Earlier today, TLC released the first preview trailer for the new season, including the first scenes with new moms Kylen Smith and Emersyn Potter!

In case you missed it, the returning moms are Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan and Tyra Boisseau. Tyra’s pregnant sister, Tiarra Boisseau, and pregnant cousin, Tayler Williams, will also be featured this season.

Here is the preview trailer, followed by a brief breakdown of what the teaser suggests we can expect from each of the young moms this season.


***SPOILER ALERT*** Jenna and Aden appear to have broken up, as evidenced by their recent social media posts. As you would expect, it looks as though a major part of their story line this season will be documenting their relationship falling apart. In one scene, Jenna reveals one of the couple’s issues.

“You are not there for me emotionally at all, Aden,” Jenna tells him as the two relax at the beach.
The scene cuts to the couple doing a confessional interview as Aden gets up off the couch and leaves. “I’m done,” he says. “She offended me.”

In addition to Jenna and Aden’s relationship drama, viewers will also be served another dose of drama between Jenna’s birth parents, Matt and Heather. “My dad’s petty,” Jenna explains. “My mom is emotionally crazy. So, you put that in a pot, and PCYEW!”
TLC Unexpected Jenna Ronan's dad Matt and mom Heather drama


…and Tiarra and Taylor

Just like Jenna, Tyra is bringing the drama on multiple fronts. Despite a catastrophic split from her baby daddy Alex wilson, including reports that he got another girl pregnant, the teaser suggests that Tyra and Alex will try to get back together. That seems like a bad idea for Tyra, but a good idea for TV viewers wanting to see fireworks.

In addition to her issues with Alex, there is also a great deal of tension between Tyra and her sister, Tiarra. It’s unclear what the relationships are like between the sisters and their cousin, Tayler. Add THREE pregnancies into the mix, and you have a recipe for a mama dramastrophe!


OG cast member Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop appear to be having issues due to Lilly being a stay-at-home mom. Lawrence tells the cameras during a confessional that everything in their home is a mess. “What the f*** do you do all day, home by yourself?” he asks, not looking at Lilly.
“Taking care of f***ing kids!” Lilly replies. “Wiping ass, breast feeding, giving baths, and cooking three meals a f***ing day!”
Lawrence is not impressed. “What you do is not hard,” he says.

TLC Unexpected Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi


18-year-old dad-to-be Jason Korpi looks like he will be the break-out star of Unexpected Season 5, but not in a good way. At all.
In addition to keeping pregnant 17-year-old Kylen away from her parents, Jason looks to be a serious contender for the highly competitive title of Worst Unexpected Delivery Room Dad!

We’re shown self-shot footage of Kylan about to give birth in the hospital as she reveals that she is in a lot of pain. Jason appears to be keeping his distance from her across the delivery room.

“Can you please come here?!” Kylen pleads with him.
Jason doesn’t even look up from his phone as he responds: “Can you please not get the epidural?”
“No,” Kylen answers.
“Then no,” Jason replies.

In a later scene we see Jason being escorted out of the hospital by officers.

More about Jason from our previous post announcing the new cast:

Jason is already a controversial cast member due to allegations of physical abuse surfacing online this summer after someone noticed holes in the wall in one of his TikTok videos.

TLC Unexpected mom Emersyn Potter


Just based on the Unexpected Season 5 preview trailer, it looks like the majority of Emersyn’s story line will revolve around the tension between her and her parents.
In her scenes in the trailer, Emersyn’s mom says that Mason is not allowed to sleep in the same room as Emersyn. The teen parents do not abide by the rule, and Emersyn’s mom kicks Mason out.
I’m getting strong Chloe and Max vibes here. That may be unfair, though, because we haven’t really seen any footage of Mason.

To see how all the teen mama drama unfolds, be sure to tune in to Unexpected Season 5 when it premieres Sunday, March 6 at 10/9c on TLC!

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