UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan pregnant with 2nd baby, 1st with JJ Della

TLC Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan pregnant again

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan has confirmed the rumor that she is pregnant again with baby number two!

The 20-year-old reality star teased a pregnancy last month when she posted a photo with her boyfriend, JJ Della, and captioned it with: “Mom and Dad 🌞☀️🤍” The “tease” was pretty vague, but the pregnancy rumor gained A LOT of steam after a comment from the admin of the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook page!

Admin Susanna Resch, who has a sparkling track record when it comes to breaking Unexpected news via inside sources, shared the photo on the page and added this caption:

Sooo Jenna made this post yesterday with a picture of her and boyfriend JJ captioned…. “Mom and Dad 🌞☀️🤍” Leaving some fans confused as to what the caption actually meant. Well a reliable source has told me that the post wasn’t just referring to Luca’s parents as many had thought BUT is actually referring to a New bundle of joy 😏

Jenna Ronan pregnant again

Jenna returned to Instagram on Thursday with another photo of herself and JJ striking similar poses — but this time they were holding a sonogram! “Mom of two and I already can’t get them both in a picture☀️☀️,” Jenna wrote.

Jenna was referring to the second image in the gallery, which features her firstborn son, Luca, also holding a sonogram. Here’s the full gallery and caption from Jenna:

Jenna’s dad, Matt Ronan, commented with his support. “❤️ So happy for you Jenna!!❤️”

Congratulations Jenna and JJ! In case you missed it, the two have been dating since fall of last year. Jenna has even relocated to South Carolina from Pennsylvania!

Jenna will be on Unexpected Season 6

As we previously reported, Jenna Ronan will be joined by co-star Lilly Bennett as the only two moms returning for Unexpected Season 6. In our post with details about the new season, we shared a brief recap of some of the story lines viewers can expect to see in regards to Jenna. I will include that recap below.

Jenna Ronan will have A LOT of interesting elements in her story line this season! In addition to having breast augmentation surgery, Jenna has a new boyfriend and has moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina!

In a recent Q&A in her Instagram stories, Jenna revealed that she has her son Luca most of the time. Luca’s dad, Aden Albright, has Luca every other weekend.

A follower asked how the shared custody arrangement works with the couple living so far apart. “I’ve been having to drive 9 hours or fly [every] other weekend,” Jenna answered. She added that she and Aden are currently trying to work out a better arrangement and they have a court date next month.

Another event in Jenna’s life that happened since she filmed for Unexpected Season 5 is her mother, Heather, got married in June. I don’t believe Jenna’s dad, Matt Ronan, was invited, but there’s no way that wedding happened without some kind of drama!

From our post about Heather and Jeff’s wedding:

It doesn’t appear as though Heather’s ex, Jenna’s dad Matt Ronan, was in attendance. It makes sense that he wouldn’t be invited, but I have to imagine producers did their best to make it happen! (Assuming Jenna will be back for another season.)

If Jenna does return for Unexpected Season 6, viewers will likely get to see the wedding and all of the behind-the-scenes drama that went into planning it. I certainly hope that is the case!

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