UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan posts photo of fiancé JJ Della with a stripper, JJ responds

TLC Unexpected's Jenna Ronan and JJ Della split, she posts a photo of him with a stripper

Just three months after Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan and JJ Della welcomed their first child together, and four months after they announced their engagement, it appears the couple has split up.

Rumors of a break up began to swirl when fans noticed JJ had deleted all the photos of Jenna from his Instagram profile.

The rumor mill cranked up after Jenna posted a TikTok video with a couple of her girl friends in pajamas. The video was playing on the declined credit card therapist trend, and here is how Jenna captioned her video:

Jenna Ronan pajamas tiktok

“Wait both?!😭” someone asked in the comments.

“Yeah both queen lmao,” Jenna replied.

A few hours later, Jenna shared a photo in her Instagram stories of JJ with another young woman. The screen cap looks to be from JJ’s Snapchat. “Father of 2 with a stripper,” Jenna wrote over top of the image.

The photo was shared by @thetlcunexpected on Instagram, and JJ Della showed up in the comments to defend himself.

“Jenna threw my engagement ring at me a week ago and left for Pennsylvania bc she didn’t get her own way per usual same thing she does with me and her dad,” JJ’s difficultly worded comment began.

“Always remember there are 2 sides to every story,” he continued. “Im not gonna be talked down to for a week and posted about on tiktok with a girl who when they are together they sell there body on the internet for money to old men.”

JJ claimed the woman in the photo is “a lifelong friend of mine that I ran into at the bar,” before he talked more about his relationship — or lack thereof — with Jenna:

If she is done with me im not gonna sit at home while jenna drinks with her friends while breastfeeding my baby and thats not a first occasion for that either. All i care about is being with my child i could care less what jenna does or says she has made it very clear to me the last week how she feels about me and thats okay but her trying to make me look bad is just her childish ways that she does with aden too

It sounds like Jenna is headed for another acrimonious interstate custody battle.

It’s unclear if any of the recent drama was filmed. Jenna was reportedly coming back for the new season of Unexpected, but the show reportedly wrapped filming last year and has been delayed for months.

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