UNEXPECTED Jenna and Aden feud online over child support RECAP

Unexpected Aden and Jenna

Unexpected couple Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright broke up late last year, and it appears that their co-parenting of son Luca is not going well. At all.

Their relationship issues spilled over onto social media this week after Jenna posted a TikTok video seemingly calling out Aden for pettiness. “When you ask your son’s father who doesn’t pay child support to help with his $114 weekly daycare bill,” Jenna wrote on the clip. In the background, there is a screen cap from Jenna’s Cash App showing that Aden sent her $1.14.

A commenter pointed out that the amount could have simply been a decimal error. Jenna abandoned punctuation for her response: “This was the morning I asked him about it all day he meant to do this.”

The photo for Aden in Jenna’s Cash App account appears to be Aden and another woman — but it is actually an older photo of Aden and Jenna when she was very blonde. There was a lot of drama about the fact that Aden has apparently started dating someone new, but that is inaccurate.

Here’s the original TikTok post from Jenna with the comments:

Aden responds to Jenna

Jenna’s clip made the rounds on the Unexpected social media pages, including the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group. Aden is a member of the group, and he took to the comments to defend himself.

From Aden, with some punctuation and capitalization added:

Lol She’s seeking attention. I’ve done nothing but help when asked. She just knows I don’t use social and won’t respond to drama, but I’m not gonna let her slander my name either.

He hasn’t even started daycare yet either, so she can cut the sh*t. Also, I ask for him everyday and definitely see him at least every other day, so quit acting like I’m not there. Get out my face w the drama.

COMMENT: My best friends ex went from being an involved father to being absent. It happens sadly. When fathers then have to put in effort to see their kid versus just coming home after work. It shouldn’t happen but it does.

ADEN: I get him everyday unless she doesn’t let me. Not my fault she’s the way she is.

Aden later updated to let everyone know that he paid for half of Luca’s first daycare bill, and he included a screen shot:

TLC Unexpected Aden Albright paying Jenna Ronan for Luca's daycare

So offended that I don’t pay rent. I got all the same bills as you. Actually more. Sorry we had no where to go last January and we’re both 18. My dad was nice enough to make sure we got a roof over our heads for the sake of Luca. What all has ur family done for u? Very fortunate to be able to live in this house and u shouldn’t talk sh*t considering u lived here free of any bills the whole time and I financially supported ur needs and fed u while u were able to spend the little money u made on things like little sleepies and other stuff for Luca. I provided the essentials and let u provide luxuries for him. Sorry everyone sees u as being this great mom who spends everything on Luca the past year. Yeah that’s bc that’s all she had to do.

I sent u the 57 to cover have his day care which he hasn’t even started yet. I’m not gonna keep giving u money bc clearly if ur denying ur on ur lives for the attention tryna make me look bad surely you’ll deny it in court too. Now I’ve let u run my name into the ground should I do the same or stay mature? Bc you’ve done some pretty fu**ed up sh*t to be talking bad about me.

Scamming the system. Lol you got my w2s. I’ve got nothing to hide. Domestic relations already went to my work for my income. I can’t hide mine like you can hide yours lol I got a real job.

Jenna Ronan and you filed for child support which you’ll obviously get. I’ve helped every time you’ve asked. I’ve given you around 1500 since you’ve moved out between helping u move in and when you’ve asked for it. I even let you claim Luca for 2021 after you lived off me all year. Where’s the over 7k go that you got for claiming him? Blow it on vacations with Dalanie? You’ll get ur child support. Thought u didn’t even need it. Said on ur lives how independent and great your doing yet u sure seem desperate for the money. Or is it just the attention?

Jenna responds, addresses boob job & new car

Aden wasn’t the only one being defensive about the backlash from Jenna’s TikTok clip. Jenna herself took to Instagram to respond to those criticizing her for complaining about child support from Aden when she recently got a boob job and purchased a car.
JENNA: I’m entitled because I want help financially from my sons dad who lives at his dad’s old house rent free? It doesn’t matter how much money I make it doesn’t mean Aden gets a free pass and doesn’t need to financially support his kid. I filed for support in February. We had a hearing and it was pushed back to whenever [he] returns to work and I was told that would be in 9-12 months. Aden has had since December to set up a proper bedroom for Luca and he hasn’t.

COMMENT: You’re seeking for help and for money. If you knew you didn’t have the money, maybe you should’ve saved your little tax money instead of getting a boob job ret*rd. Common sense.
JENNA: How’s the language? And btw I have a savings lol. I didn’t spend all my money on a boob job. How do you even know that I didn’t get the surgery for free? Also, a tax refund from the government has nothing to do with my son’s dad helping financially lmao.

COMMENT: Didn’t she just get her tits done?
COMMENT: Exactly. And got a brand new car.
JENNA: Never said I was broke lol. I’m not, but just because I can afford to do it all that means Aden doesn’t have to help?

COMMENT: This girl ate up. I just can’t get over the fact that she just got her boobs done but always b*tching to Aden for money.
COMMENT: Your argument would be valid if he wasn’t paying for his kid…. But he is so
JENNA: Not you thinking men don’t have take care of the financial part of having a kid lol.

COMMENT: Not even it, you’re making it out like he doesn’t take care of his kid financially at all, while he took care of both of you guys for how long? Now you’re trying to blast that he doesn’t pay child support when dude does everything else.
JENNA: Oh yeah cause you know everything right lol.

COMMENT: No, but I do know that you’re tryna blast your baby daddy cuz you not getting the money you asked for, while whole time you gettin’ new cars and new tits.
JENNA: I NEVER SAID I WAS BROKE LOL. But that doesn’t mean he should help provide for his kid. Like what are you on? I pay for everything!!!! He should pay for at the very least a daycare bill like what??? Do you even hear yourself???

COMMENT: Right back at you Jennnaaa because he posted him sending you money for daycare.

JENNA: Yes this morning lol!!! He sent $57 this morning after all this sh*t started to be posted. I posted the tiktok last night. He sent [me] 1.14 yesterday morning.

COMMENT: Welp then I’m sorry Jenna. Y’all should slow down posting messages and you should tell these TLC pages to pipe down because stories are all over the place, and you’re gonna get tons of backlash because of this crap.
JENNA: It’s all good. Thanks for taking time to see my end and seeing why I’m frustrated.
COMMENT: You’re welcome, and I’m sorry for calling you ate up.

UPDATE – Here’s a screen shot of a comment reportedly made by Jenna on Facebook:

Unexpected Jenna says Aden doesn't pay child support


Jenna and Aden drama recap

Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group admin Susanna did a wonderful job of recapping all of the drama after Jenna’s TikTok post. I’ve included that below — and I encourage anyone interested in keeping up with all the on-screen and off-screen Unexpected drama to join the group!
From Susanna:
“Okay so he did intentionally only send the $1.14 to be smarta** (petty whatever u want to call it) and yes Jenna did make a post of it jokingly/petty how every you want to take it then Aden did then send her HALF of that amount ($57) and Jenna removed the video…

“That’s literally the entirety of this particular incident.. Aden currently is not working on the books due to an injury. Yes, Jenna did file for Child Support back in February, but unfortunately there’s some things holding up the process. I’m assuming one being his form of income or lack there of….

“According to Jenna, Aden has not helped out financially AT ALL since she moved out, and although Aden was seeing Luca fairly often (on weekends at one point after work), it’s to my understanding he doesn’t get him as much now.
“I personally have NEVER seen Jenna say anything bad about Aden’s parenting. She’s always said he loved Luca and was a good dad… You do know a guy can be a good dad but a sh*tty boyfriend/guy right? 🤷‍♀️ Just sayin….

“IMO I think Jenna was just annoyed with his initial response to declining to pay child support and then waking up to see a smart ass payment of $1.14, so she went and made a post about it… Like a BILLION other 18 year old, hell ALL AGED Women, have done! She’s never claimed to be perfect…

“Some girls use social media to vent and as a sounding board, but up until now, for the most [part], Jenna has hardly shared her personal drama with their relationship… I say hardly because yes she has spoken about it, but for the most part it’s been respectful… But again she’s no perfect. NO ONE IS!

“This is all new for her and him. There are an intense amount of roller coaster emotions that come into play during a break up of parents, especially younger parents that haven’t been thru it before. So yea, some things will be said and done that may be regrettable. It’s most likely gonna take time and MANY more falling outs before they get this right! I don’t think it’s fair to completely write off either of them for it 🤷‍♀️”

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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