Unexpected Season 6 includes 2 returning and 2 new moms REPORT

TLC Unexpected Season 6 cast returning moms Jenna and Lilly

It’s been 9 months since the second half of the dramatic Unexpected Season 5 Couples Tell All aired on TLC, and we are finally getting some information on the next season!

The news comes from the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group (@everything_tlc_unexpected on Instagram), which has a flawless track record of being the first to reveal casting news for the show.

Unexpected Season 6 is coming and believe me there will be no shortage of drama and shocking moments!” group admin Susanna Resch wrote moments ago. The announcement was accompanied by a photo of Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett, revealing that the two moms would be returning for the new season.

More from Susanna:

Although the cast line up is looking shorter then we’ve seen in past seasons, with only 2 returning cast members, fan favorite Jenna & soon to be newlywed Lilly and only 2 new girls, this season already seems like it’s going to be a much better layout than last season! I for one am looking forward to a less chaotic casting for each episode. Hopefully now we won’t have to wonder whose story we’re going to be seeing each week!

Susanna says that producers still do not know when Unexpected Season 6 will premiere. “BUT I can tell you that filming has MOSTLY been completed for all the cast members with just one more big event set to film this month,” Susanna says, adding a winky face emoji. “Which means if all goes well then Season 6 premiere will be sooner then later!”

I assume the “big event” is Lilly and Lawrence’s highly anticipated wedding. That will clearly be a huge part of her story line this season I’m sure.

Jenna Ronan updates

Jenna Ronan will have A LOT of interesting elements in her story line this season! In addition to having breast augmentation surgery, Jenna has a new boyfriend and has moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina!

In a recent Q&A in her Instagram stories, Jenna revealed that she has her son Luca most of the time. Luca’s dad, Aden Albright, has Luca every other weekend.

A follower asked how the shared custody arrangement works with the couple living so far apart. “I’ve been having to drive 9 hours or fly [every] other weekend,” Jenna answered. She added that she and Aden are currently trying to work out a better arrangement and they have a court date next month.

Another event in Jenna’s life that happened since she filmed for Unexpected Season 5 is her mother, Heather, got married in June. I don’t believe Jenna’s dad, Matt Ronan, was invited, but there’s no way that wedding happened without some kind of drama!

From our post about Heather and Jeff’s wedding:

It doesn’t appear as though Heather’s ex, Jenna’s dad Matt Ronan, was in attendance. It makes sense that he wouldn’t be invited, but I have to imagine producers did their best to make it happen! (Assuming Jenna will be back for another season.)

If Jenna does return for Unexpected Season 6, viewers will likely get to see the wedding and all of the behind-the-scenes drama that went into planning it. I certainly hope that is the case!

The casting announcement means that controversial couple Jason and Kylen will not be back for another season. Also not returning are the numerous young moms from Kentucky, including sisters Tyra Boisseau and Tiarra Boisseau, as well as their cousin, Taylor.

Those non-returnees are not unexpected to me, but I am a little surprised that Emersyn Potter and Mason Ramirez are not coming back. They were fan favorites, and their situation (living with Mason’s dad) felt a bit like a cliffhanger. Of course, it could be that Emersyn and/or Mason chose not to come back.

Also, I thought there was a good chance we might see the return of Lexus Scheller. She now has another child and her mother, Kelsey Scheller, is pregnant again. With twins! Plus, Lexus’s ex (and Scarlett’s dad) Shayden Massey recently welcome another child as well.

I’m sure Everything TLC Unexpected will have more Unexpected Season 6 news dropping soon, so stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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