RHOM Why Larsa Pippen is no longer friends with Kim Kardashian

Larsa Pippen has famously had a decade-long friendship with Kim Kardashian, but it abruptly came to an end sometime in the past two years.

Larsa and Kim filmed together for Kourtney & Kim Take Miami in 2010-11, so the pair have been friends since at least them. Larsa was there for Kim throughout her whirlwind marriage and divorce to Kris Humphries, and stayed very close by her side in the years since.

Larsa’s RHOM’s castmate Adriana de Moura has a lot of questions about the downfall of Larsa and Kim’s friendship. She speculates that they may have fallen out because Larsa is too judgmental or thinks maybe it had something to do with the drama with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

“Larsa and the Kardashians is a mystery to me still,” Adriana says.

Adriana tried to satisfy her desire to know more by fishing for information at a dinner with Larsa and Kiki Barth. Adriana asked Larsa is she liked Kanye West in a sexual way and then directly asked what happened. Larsa insists that she and Kanye are just friends, and mostly kept silent to Adriana’s prying.

Larsa said in the talking head interview that she didn’t even know what happened between herself and Kim Kardashian. “I was best friends with Kim and I love her and I love Kanye,” Larsa says. She says she got stuck in the middle of their split.

She said she “took a beating” because she was there and saw everything, which ended her relationship with Kim.

“I knew too much. I was a problem. And so whatever. That’s kind of what happened,” Larsa said to the cameras.

In November 2020, Larsa revealed a little more. She said that she felt like Kanye turned Kim and her family against her. On the Hollywood Raw she said, “If Kanye feels like him and Kim are better without me, then let them be without me. I’m OK with that. I will survive.”

She still didn’t reveal any of this to the dinner table so Adriana De Moura then interjects that she saw Kanye’s penis one time in a bathroom at Art Basel, which upset Larsa and she stormed off from the restaurant.

The two women continue their argument over Adriana’s alleged Kanye privates sighting at Guerdy Abraira’s event to raise money for orphan children in Haiti.

“I don’t know where to laugh, cry, scream,” Alexia says in confessional about witnessing the fight. “I mean, this is so absurd.”

“We’re like, in a charity event raising money for underprivileged kids, and there are these two grown-ass women talking and fighting about Kanye West’s penis. I mean, what is that?”

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