TEEN MOM YOUNG AND PREGNANT Is Madisen Beith pregnant again? Is she back with Christian?

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Madisen Beith pregnant again

MTV just dropped a preview trailer for the new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and it teases a major pregnancy bombshell!
“I ain’t goin’ on birth control,” Madisen Bieth tells her newlywed dad and stepmom in the trailer. “The pull out method — it’s got us this far.”
We then here a girl’s voice yell, “Christian!”

After a male voice asks “What?” in the background, we see two positive pregnancy tests being held up to the camera as the girl’s voice says,” I’m pregnant!”

The scene then cuts to Madisen crying. “I’m freaking the f*** out!” she says through her tears. The video is edited in such a way that it leaves open the possibility that the person holding the pregnancy tests isn’t Madisen. Her face is obscured by the pregnancy tests in the foreground, which seems intentional.

However, it’s clear that the person holding the pregnancy tests is wearing the same hoodie that Madisen is wearing when she makes the bold (and apparently erroneous) assertion that she does not need to take birth control. Plus, the female voice is heard saying “Christian!” which is the name of the father of Madisen’s daughter, Camille.

Here’s the full trailer:

There’s no evidence of Madisen being pregnant in her recent social media posts, but she does have a fondness for sweatshirts and loose-fitting tees, so that’s not any sort of definitive proof of anything. Plus, it is unclear when the pregnancy reveal scene was filmed.

The most recent post I could find from Madisen in which it seems clear that she isn’t showing is a TikTok video posted on April 7. Madisen’s belly is exposed as she walks along the sidewalk:


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Madisen and Christian back together

In case you missed it, Madisen and Christian got back together after she finished filming the previous season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. He followed in Madisen’s footsteps by relocating to Ohio from Arkansas to give their relationship another go.

In another major development since the last season of the show, Madisen’s dad Nick and girlfriend Christina got engaged and married in less than a month! The couple announced their engagement in late September. They were married in a small ceremony with friends and family the following month.

It was initially reported that Madisen had been cut from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant after her departure early last season. However, producers reportedly changed their minds due to viewers being disinterested in the story line of Madisen’s replacement, Kayla Jones.

As a viewer, I’m excited to see Madisen return. Her story was my personal favorite to watch last season, and I was bummed that MTV cameras weren’t going to be there to capture Madisen and Christian getting back together or Nick and Christina’s wedding.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns to MTV Tuesday, June 28 at 9/8c.

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