Kim Kardashian wins red white and bluest 4th of July celebrity award, edging Miley Cyrus

Kim Kardashian 4th of July clothes 2015


Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US of A, and numerous celebrities paid tribute by cooking out, watching fireworks, dressing up in various combinations of red, white, and blue stars and stripes–and, of course, sharing photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But no one, and I mean NO ONE, could hang with Kim Kardashian as far as Old Glory fashion statements go!

Kim (above) transformed the 4th of July into Kardashiandependence Day, showing her pride with an epic, Old-Glory-inspired, all-red, white, and blue ensemble. It includes a fanny pack, striped socks, hot shorts, a tank top, a star necklace, and a ‘Merica trucker hat. Kim shared the photo on all of her social media platforms and captioned it simply “Happy 4th of July!!!” along with an American flag and fireworks emoji.

Coming in a close second to Kim in Betsy Rossness yesterday was “Party in the USA” singer Miley Cyrus, who also sported some American flag hot shorts along with a matching bikini top, and, um, a whole lot of patriotic stuff on her head:


4th of Biew-ly!

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Miley Cyrus 4th of July costume 2015


Although it’s not quite as over-the-top as Kim and Miley, I thought I would also include this flagtastic shot of Paris Hilton just because:


Paris Hilton 4th of July 2015


Happy 4th of July y’all!

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