90 DAY FIANCE Eric says 2017 Jakarta wedding was just a commitment ceremony

Our 90 Day Fiance Season 6 spoiler post from September featuring details on Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Cohen’s apparent wedding in Jakarta in 2017 is getting renewed insterest this week after Leida mentioned on the recent episode that her wedding with her first husband cost $300,000.

In case you missed it, Eric and Leida shared numerous photos online from what looks to have been a wedding ceremony that took place in Jakarta, Indonesia late last year. Eric stated that the two were married on November 30 in Jakarta in the comments for the Facebook photo above, and Leida changed her Facebook status to reflect a marriage on that date:

Here’s another post from December 4 that includes photos of the two in their wedding finery as well as Eric referring to Leida as his “wife:”

And then there was this post by Leida about her “States side wedding” posted in January in which she wrote: “Another ceremony, another after party, another ’round’ as well…?”

Earlier today, Eric took to Instagram to respond to the “wedding” and he says that it was merely a commitment ceremony. Here is his statement:

Just so we’re clear on the picture of us floating around out there and the article about us being married in Jakarta: It was a commitment ceremony. Nothing more. It allowed us to travel her country together alone. They don’t allow unmarried, non related men and women to travel alone together. No documentation was filed with either Indonesia or United States. It was strictly symbolic. If you doubt this, go ahead and inquire with the State Dept. or State of WI.

So, “unmarried, non related men and women” are not allowed to travel alone together in Indonesia? And if that’s true, does that mean Eric and Leida committed some sort of fraud by pretending to get married? So many questions! Actually, I think the biggest question fans may have is: How much did the commitment ceremony cost? ?

In all seriousness, it is entirely believable that the Jakarta “wedding” was not official, especially if the couple was in the midst of going through the K-1 visa process, but Eric and Leida should at least fess up to presenting the ceremony as an actual wedding online.

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