TLC sMothered Season 4 returns August 8 with 7 DUOS! VIDEO

TLC sMothered Season 4 premieres August 8 2022

TLC’s controversial reality series sMothered is returning for a fourth season on August 8. The new season will feature no fewer than SEVEN mother/daughter duos who push the limits of just how close a parent and child should be.

Of the seven duos, four will be familiar to sMothered fans as returning cast. Viewers will also meet three new pairs, and they look like they will be living up to the show’s infamous daughter and mot-heritage!

“From bathwater to bedrooms to boyfriends, these twosomes have shared everything,” the TLC press release reads, “and with beautiful babies being welcomed into the mix, a new legacy ensues – grand-smothering!”

In the dramatic preview trailer we see a baby on the way for fan favorite duo Leah and Laura Leigh. We also meet the show’s first transgender star as well as a mother/daughter duo who claim to have dated the same guys! Here’s the video:

Here are bios for all of the mother/daughter duos featured in Season 4, starting with the new cast!

Ashley (daughter) and Cathy (mom)

TLC sMothered mom Cathy and daughter Ashley
Ashley & Cathy hold each other’s hand through everything. When this look-alike mother-daughter pairing gets bored, head-turning behavior is sure to follow. From chin lifts to nipple piercings to tattoos, no activity is off-limits for Cathy and Ashley. Their legendary boudoir photo shoots have captured the attention of plenty of potential partners on dating apps, sometimes catching the eye of the same man on more than one occasion. When Ashley moves in next door, the duo spends more time together than ever – much to the dismay of Ashley’s sister, Samantha, who shares a home with their mother. Ashley deliberately excludes Samantha, causing her sister to grow bitterly jealous.

Paula (daughter) and Francia (mom)

TLC sMothered daughter Paula and mom Francia
Paula and Francia believe there’s no such thing as boundaries. They dance, party, and sleep nude together – even indulging in the occasional tickle fight. For this pairing, mother-daughter roles are reversed. While Francia’s youthful spirit makes her act like a kid, Paula shoulders the responsibility of making sure that her mother is properly fed and always has a packed lunch. An only child, Paula’s possessiveness over her mother reaches new extremes when she learns that Francia is planning to adopt her niece from Colombia, which leads Paula to put an elaborate plan into motion to derail her journey and keep her at home under her thumb.

Shay (daughter) and Angie (mother)

TLC sMothered mom Angie and  trandgender daughter Shay
Shay & Angie have always been attached at the hip, and they’ve grown even closer since daughter Shay came out as transgender. Angie is determined to be there for every step of Shay’s journey to womanhood. However, her mother’s support starts to feel a little too overbearing for Shay’s liking when Angie starts sticking her nose in her daughter’s personal life and decides to take the lead on Shay’s weight loss journey. Shay begins to feel more like her mother’s pet project than her daughter.

Lauren (daughter) and Lisa (mom)

TLC sMothered mom Lisa and pregnant daughter Lauren
Lauren & Lisa turned heads last season when Lisa helped her daughter carry out a secret at-home insemination, leaving Lauren’s wife Laura Leigh in the dark. Now that Lauren is finally pregnant, Laura Leigh insists that the mother-daughter duo sets boundaries – no more weekly sleepovers and bath-time video chats. Laura Leigh’s attempts to put distance between her wife and her overbearing mother-in-law sets off the control freak in Lisa. But the real trouble begins after baby Reagan arrives and Laura Leigh and Lisa’s rivalry reaches its peak.

Cher (daughter) and Dawn (mom)

TLC sMothered daughter Cher and mom Dawn
Cher & Dawn dress alike, talk alike, act alike – they can even tell what the other is thinking! After being separated for six years while Jared finished his residency in New York, Dawn is ecstatic that Cher is finally moving back home to Florida. The only problem is that Jared’s new job is taking them to Miami, which is closer to his family. Dawn is determined to persuade the family to move back to Tampa for good.

Cristina (daughter) and Kathy (mom)

TLC sMothered daughter Cristina and mom Cathy
Cristina & Kathy are always up in each other’s business – especially now that Cristina has moved from five to four houses down the street from her mother. With Carlo’s pizzeria finally on its feet, Kathy looks forward to having Cristina all to herself again. But when Carlo announces that he is dead set on expanding his business, a jealous Kathy worries that the new venture will start to eat up her daughter’s time again. Employing some old-school mom-guilt, Kathy pushes Cristina into a heated confrontation with her husband, who insists that her mother keep her nose out of his affairs.

Angelica (daughter) and Sunhe (mom)

TLC sMothered daughter Angelica and mom Sunhe
Angelica & Sunhe are closer-than-close – sharing everything from their bank account to their bathwater. Crushed by Jason’s hesitation to tie the knot and her mother’s disapproval of the match, Angelica has called off her wedding. Sunhe dreams of raising Angelica’s newborn baby, Amara, by her daughter’s side. However, her plans are frustrated by the fact that the family is still living under Jason’s roof, while Angelica remains determined to make their relationship work, Jason insists that Sunhe hit the road. Tensions come to a head when Sunhe issues him an impossible ultimatum: if she goes, she’s taking Angelica and Amara with her.

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