sMOTHERED Cher Hubsher wears her My Super Sweet 16 dress 16 years later

Cher Hubsher wears her My Super Sweet 16 dress again

Cher Hubsher (Gopman) first found herself in the national spotlight when she appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 way back in 2007. Cher’s memorable birthday bash was Mardi Gras themed and featured a new $96,000 Jaguar, hand-delivered invitations by Cher on horseback, and a multiple flashy outfits — including a very revealing metallic dress.

It’s 16 years later and Cher is still on reality television as half of one of the mother/daughter duos currently featured on TLC’s sMothered. Not only is Cher still on reality TV, she’s also still able to fit in the dress she wore when she turned 16!

Cher had a little fun on her 32nd birthday by recreating the scene from My Super Sweet 16 in which she surprised her mother, Dawn, by modeling the revealing metallic look.

“Happy 16th *cough 32nd cough* birthday to me…” Cher began a caption to her Instagram video with the new old dress reveal (included below). “Gosh, how has it been 16 years since ‘My Super Sweet 16’??? Doesn’t it feel like it was only a couple years ago? Insane😱!”

Cher asks her followers: “Who remembers this dress? 🙋🏻‍♀️” She then references her mother’s famous line from the MSS16 episode after the dress reveal: “Who remembers ‘You look just like a model’?🙋🏻‍♀️”

We will start with a photo of Cher in the dress when she was a teen:

My Super Sweet 16 Cher Hubsher

And here she is in the same dress 16 years later:

Cher Hubsher wearing her My Super Sweet 16 dress at 32 years old

sMothered Cher Hubsher tries on her My Super Sweet 16 dress again at 32

Cher is rockin’ that look ya’ll! Sure, she’s got a fantastic figure, but it’s her joyfulness that really makes the look work! 🤗

Here’s the full reveal video from Cher:

And for those of you wanting to take a trip down memory lane, I tracked down a lengthy clip from Cher’s episode of My Super Sweet 16 on Facebook! The video includes Cher auditioning guys for the role of carrying her into her party and a dance routine in which Cher’s flashy lowrider pants ride a little bit too low and flash a bit too much:

It’s unknown if Cher still has her dance outfit. If so, we’d love to see her try that routine again! 😉 As a matter of fact, I think it would be a brilliant idea for Cher to recreate her infamous Mardi Gras 16th birthday — including her hand delivering invitations while riding horseback. Perhaps 35 or 40 would be a good number? #MySuperSweet40

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