sMothered Lauren and Laura Leigh divorce, abuse allegations?

TLC sMothered Laura Leigh and Lauren divorce and abuse allegations

Fan favorite sMothered couple Laura Leigh Reese and Lauren Kimball Reese are currently in the middle of a divorce, and the couple’s separation has turned ugly after Lauren seemingly accuses Laura Leigh of abuse.

sMothered fans began to notice that Lauren and Laura Leigh were no longer posting photos and videos together on social media back in May and June of this year. The earliest confirmation of a split that I could find was Lauren’s response to an Instagram comment on July 28.

“Are you still with your wife?” a follower wrote on Lauren’s post. “No,” Lauren replied.

Two days later, Lauren provided a lengthier response to another comment with a little more information:

COMMENT: I love following you, but am asking if you are getting divorced? I’m not asking to be nosey. Your posts lately have seemed like cryptic messages. I hope for the very best for your family.💗

LAUREN: Yes, getting a divorce. Wasn’t trying to be cryptic. I hope this video makes it clear.

On Tuesday, Lauren shared her Tik Tok video of 2022 highlights on Instagram. The video starts with an image of Lauren holding a towel to her face and included this caption:

She’s been chasing me around telling me she’s going to punch me in the face. Said she’ll call the cops if my parents show up. I just want to take a break. Raegan has RSV, I’m sick, and all of this because she couldn’t change a diaper.

The image was dated October 19, 2022. That was roughly six months after the couple’s daughter Raegan was born.

When Lauren shared the Tik Tok clip on Instagram, she added this caption:

Not that I owe ANYONE anything. But it’s super annoying that people think they know my life. Social media was the highlight reel. The show was a show. I’m not trying to create more drama in my life, just trying to cope with reality and enjoy finally being happy and safe.

The url at the end of her post is for the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

Laura Leigh responds to abuse allegations

Laura Leigh has been posting lots of photos and videos with Raegan over the past few months, and after Lauren’s post she was asked about the apparent allegation of abuse. Here are some of Laura Leigh’s interactions, including a comment from her sister:

COMMENTER 1: Is any truth to Lauren claiming you abused her??

LAURA LEIGH: No there is not.

COMMENTER 2: Laura Leigh wouldn’t have the child if what Lauren claims is true. There’s a BIG difference between DV and having an argument that you don’t like. In this generation everytime someone offends someone else they scream ABUSE! I’ve actually been thru DV and the entire judicial process so this offends me when people cry abuse for an argument they didn’t like.

LAURA LEIGH: This right here 👆 thank you, this sums up everything! 💯%

LAURA LEIGH: Also I’m so sorry you’ve been through DV, no one deserves that.

COMMENTER 3: I support you, if it was true I don’t think you would be able to have access to your child if their was proof. I highly suggest contacting your lawyer about the wrongful accusations if it continues.

LAURA LEIGH: I have, no worries.

COMMENTER 4: I never doubted you for one second, Lauren is a humongous CHILD right along with her MOTHER.


COMMENTER 5: I’m Laura Leigh’s sister and here to say… ITS SICKENING TO SEE HER POSTS!! But there is nothing anyone can do from her trying to bash my sister on social media for clout. I just hope people see through her attempt for 5 seconds of fame!!

Lauren has a new girlfriend?

Based on social media posts, it appears as though Lauren has moved on and is dating someone new!

Lauren and a woman named Brittany Chelette have been PDAing on Instagram since last month. Here’s Lauren’s most recent gallery with Brittany, which was captioned with a heart emoji:

“She ain’t no Laura Leigh,” one commenter wrote on the gallery post. “Thank God,” Lauren responded.

Lauren and Laura Leigh will not be returning for sMothered Season 5, which premieres Tuesday, December 12 at 10/9c on TLC.

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