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SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why are Steve and Brenda polygamists? Is it tied to religion?

Steve and Brenda Foley of Seeking Sister Wife are looking to add another wife to their marriage. On the show they’re courting 21-year-old April, who seems more interested in Steve as a husband than Brenda as a sister wife. The cameras are catching their growing discomfort as they move forward with this awkward relationship. Why did the Foleys choose this lifestyle?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE What does Garrick Merrifield do for work? Details on his construction business

Seeking Sister Wife couple Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield seem to be doing quite well financially. The polygamous divorcees are building a large custom home for themselves, taking numerous trips so Garrick can potentially have sex, and even discouraging their potential sister wife Lea from working long hours. So, what does Garrick Merrifield do for work?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why are the Epps in Florida? Do they own the Orlando house?

There are quite a few questions surrounding the Epps family from TLC’s Seeking sister Wife reality series. We’ve previously reported on the questions surrounding Marcus Epps’ multiple political scandals, the fact that he has at least 10 children, and his prior domestic violence arrest. However, we haven’t addressed a couple of the most asked questions from Season 5 viewers: Why is Marcus Epps and the rest of the Epps family living in Florida? Do they own their house in Orlando?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps has 10 children, was married before Taryn, plus more!

Seeking Sister Wife stars Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn Lindsey, and their fiancée India Rosser did an Instagram live after they made their debut on Monday night’s episode. The trio seemed pleased overall with how they were portrayed, but they did clarify a few things that were either misleading or just plain wrong. Plus, we try to answer a few more unanswered questions about the Epps.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps political scandal details, including a murder?!

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps is no stranger to being in the public eye, or to being controversial. Marcus is currently a Euclid City Councilman, and his political career has been peppered with controversies since he was first elected to the office. Those controversies include alleged tax evasion, a house fire, and a murder at an illegal after-hours club in Cleveland!?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Who is Lea, the potential new sister wife of the Merrifields?

The Merrifields of Seeking Sister Wife are back! And they’re looking for a third sister wife! Get the scoop on Dannielle and Garrick’s potential third wife Lea, a single nurse from California who has a young son. We’ve got all the information about Lea revealed on the show, plus a lot more exclusive details!