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Sister Wives’ Aspyn’s fiance Mitch is the brother of Vanessa Alldredge from Seeking Sister Wife

When you have a historically polygamous religion that is also historically connected to a specific geographical region, then it makes sense that there would often be overlap between families. That is exactly the case with TLC’s two current plural marriage reality shows as Sister Wives daughter Aspyn Brown recently became engaged to Mitch Thompson, the brother of Seeking Sister Wives star Vanessa Alldredge!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Brineys move to Oregon to avoid arrest, defend encouraging their kids to lie

On the most recent episode of TLC's Seeking Sister Wife, the Briney family opened up about the risks that they were taking by appearing on a reality show while living together in the state of Utah, where cohabitation is illegal, including a discussion with their children about lying to others in order to avoid arrest. The Briney's would eventually move out of the state of Utah because of the risk, and they took to social media to defend their stance on the ethics of lying under certain circumstances.