SEEKING SISTER WIFE Davis family buying 12-foot-wide bed ‘to accommodate all of us’

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis family 12 foot bed

The Davis family from Seeking Sister Wife is expanding in all sorts of ways! In addition to looking for an additional sister wife, expecting a baby, and buying a larger house, the Davises are also expanding their bed! By a lot!

In a preview clip for tonight’s episode (included below), Nicholas Davis, April Davis, and pregnant Jennifer Davis are shopping for houses when they reveal the rather unique reason that they need a house with a large master bedroom.

“The master bedroom we need to have really big,” April explains. “And the reason why is we’re going to have a big bed that’s going to be able to accommodate all of us. So it’s going to be a twelve-foot-wide bed.”

The realtor nods for what seems like five minutes before replying, “Gotcha!”

April laughingly apologizes for not previously mentioning this to their realtor, then she says a little more about the oversized piece of polygamist furniture. “So we’re going to have a custom, basically, made bed that’s twelve feet wide when we move into the new house.”

Viewers are then treated to a confessional with the Davis family’s realtor, who will be played by Kevin Hart in the movie. “I’ve never had a client as for a twelve-foot-wide bed,” he says. “I get a lot of women who ask for walk-in closets as big as a house, and I get the men who want their own man caves, but I’ve never had them say, ‘Hey, we want a twelve-foot-wide bed so that we can all sleep together.'”

The house being shown to the Davises in the preview clip apparently doesn’t have a large enough master bedroom, so they move on to another property.

The Davis Family’s New House

We exclusively broke the news that the Davis family recently purchased a MUCH larger house in Aurora. So, does it have a large enough master bedroom to comfortably accommodate a twelve-foot-wide bed?

The property listing states that the house has a “very large master bedroom with bay window and sitting area” on the second floor with an attached 3/4 bathroom. However, the master bedroom doesn’t appear to be “very large” in the listing photos. Here is one image taken from the corner of the room:

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis family's new house master bedroom

However, the house does have a rather large finished basement. “The lower level has another bedroom or can be used as a family room or flex space,” the listing reads. Here are a couple photos of the Davis family’s potential love dungeon:

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis family's new house basement bedroom

The ceiling looks a bit low, and I assume they will want to wall off the washer and dryer, but otherwise that seems like it would work! As an added bonus, a basement master bedroom would mean all the Nick fun times would be happening two floors down from the other women and children sleeping upstairs.

We will be tuned in to new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife and will be sure to update our posts if the Davises look at the property that they eventually wind up buying. The show airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC, or you can stream it early on Discovery+.

While you wait for the new episode to drop, here’s some Davis family theme music for you courtesy of Bob Dylan:

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