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Seeking Sister Wife Davis family photo

A Seeking Sister Wife baby is on the way! Jennifer Davis, 2nd wife to season 4’s Nick Davis, is expecting their first child! The rumor first buzzed about on Reddit has been confirmed.

People Magazine reports that Jennifer, 25, is expecting a baby GIRL. This is Jennifer’s first baby, and the first baby for the polygamist family to raise together from birth. April has a teenage son from a previous relationship with whom Nick is close, but not the biological father.

The Davises tell it in their own words in a preview clip from Monday’s episode “We have something to tell you. We’re pregnant!” Jennifer excitedly announces in a confessional as Nick adds, “Jennifer’s expecting. We got a bun in the oven here.”

Fans of the show may be surprised by this news because children aren’t really talked about in the Davis’ plan very often. “I never thought I would see myself as a mother, or wanting kids or having kids or anything like that,” Jennifer explains in the clip. “But coming into this situation and the love that I developed for Nick, this is the love I want to have a baby with.

UPDATE – The Davis family shared the good news on their Instagram page after our article was published. They posted a photo of Nick and April with Jennifer showing off her baby bump. “Jenny is pregnant and we are all so excited!!!” the caption reads. “Tune in Monday on Seeking Sister Wife!” The caption also includes a baby bottle emoji and the hashtag #babyontheway.

Here is that photo, as well as another photo of pregnant Jennifer shared in their stories:

Seeking Sister Wife Jennifer Davis pregnant photo

Jennifer Davis from Seeking Sister Wife is pregnant! See her baby bump!

Davises Buy A Bigger House

With the family expanding, it’s only expected that the Davis’ would look for larger living quarters. The family recently moved into a larger home, and no, it’s not an AirBnB. As Starcasm exclusively revealed, the Davis family sold the cramped house owned by April and moved into a nearly $600,000 upgrade just a couple months ago.

The two-story house is 2,734 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which should be plenty of room for the expanding Davis family. And by expanding, that includes the potential addition of more adults as well.

It’s unclear if potential new sister wife (and potential new stepmom!) Danielle is still in a relationship with the Davises or not. To find out, keep tuning in for new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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