SEEKING SISTER WIFE Nick asks Danielle to marry a woman she hasn’t met yet

The family arrangement with secular polygamist Nick Davis on Seeking Sister Wife, is rather unique. Nick isn’t married to either of his two wives April and Jennifer in order to not have one wife have a special status. But that doesn’t mean that legal marriage is off the table.

Instead, April and Jennifer are legally married to each other and have both changed their last names to Davis. Nick is currently dating a potential third wife, Danielle, but he doesn’t plan to marry her either. With no one else in the relationship, Danielle doesn’t have anyone else to marry for now.

The only option Nick sees is to eventually get a fourth wife for Danielle to marry to keep the family tradition. The concept of marrying a strange woman that she’s never met before was a lot for 22-year-old Danielle to take in.

On Episode 5 of Season 4, Nick sits with Danielle while on a bonding vacation with the group and flat out asks her, “What would you think about potentially bringing someone else in, and then you and that individual would be married to each other. Would you be okay with that?”

Danielle says she was initially shocked by this question because she didn’t know why she couldn’t just marry Nick. She let Nick know that she wasn’t opposed to the idea, but it was hard for her to envision who this potential other person would be. She said she was worried how this woman would fit into their dynamic.

“Understanding that I would be married to another woman, other than being married to Nick, you know, there’s going to be a little bit of being hesitant with that because I’m not sure who that would be,” Danielle tells the camera. “And you know it’s kind of hard to imagine that there would be someone else that I would be so in love with, and so committed to, that would be to take that position. And, it’s one of those things that’s a little scary.”

Nick explains that this system of marriage is created to combat jealousy and hierarchy among the wives. Still, it’s a lot to spring on someone to ask them to promise to meet a theoretical woman in the future. It would be a different situation if the woman Danielle might potentially marry was already in their lives, but instead, Nick’s asking her to commit to whoever else comes along that he might be interested in. In short, it’s a lot to ask.

Danielle didn’t commit either way to Nick’s proposal, and the night continued with everyone getting in the hotter together. It was to be Danielle’s night alone with Nick that night, so April and Jennifer eventually got out of the hotter to give Nick and Danielle their space.

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