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SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps has 10 children, was married before Taryn, plus more!

Seeking Sister Wife stars Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn Lindsey, and their fiancée India Rosser did an Instagram live after they made their debut on Monday night’s episode. The trio seemed pleased overall with how they were portrayed, but they did clarify a few things that were either misleading or just plain wrong. Plus, we try to answer a few more unanswered questions about the Epps.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps political scandal details, including a murder?!

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps is no stranger to being in the public eye, or to being controversial. Marcus is currently a Euclid City Councilman, and his political career has been peppered with controversies since he was first elected to the office. Those controversies include alleged tax evasion, a house fire, and a murder at an illegal after-hours club in Cleveland!?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Who is Lea, the potential new sister wife of the Merrifields?

The Merrifields of Seeking Sister Wife are back! And they’re looking for a third sister wife! Get the scoop on Dannielle and Garrick’s potential third wife Lea, a single nurse from California who has a young son. We’ve got all the information about Lea revealed on the show, plus a lot more exclusive details!

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden and Chrissy divorce update

It’s been nearly a year since Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce from Christeline Petersen in May of last year. Dimitri filed the paperwork two months after Chrissy filed restraining orders against him and her sister wife, Ashley Snowden. In the restraining order, Chrissy alleges that she suffered emotional, verbal and physical abuse while married to Dimitri and Ashley.

What is the status of Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Petersen’s divorce?

Seeking Sister Wife Winder family update interview: Season 4, another sister wife & more questions answered

Seeking Sister Wife stars Colton Winder, Tami Winder and Sophie Winder sit down for an hour-long interview with Linda Antwi of The Melanated Way. The Winder family answers questions about Sophie’s current pregnancy, a potential future sister wife or wives, and Seeking Sister Wife Season 4! Keep reading to watch the full interview and read some of the highlights.