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Seeking Sister Wife update on Chrissy and her kids after Snowden abuse allegations, divorce filing

Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen speaks out for the first time after filing restraining orders against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden for alleged abuse back in March. In addition to thanking everyone for their support, including a successful GoFundMe campaign, Chrissy reveals that she and her two daughters are “doing okay for now.” The three have reportedly been in hiding since leaving the Snowdens in March.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE How Dimitri proposed to Chrissy

Tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife includes the ill-fated proposal of Dimitri Snowden to Christeline “Chrissy” Peterson. For the proposal, the pair hit the town for their second date since knowing each other, although they have spent quite a bit of time together in the same house due to COVID. Dimitri blindfolds Chrissy for their date, and drives her around L.A. to confuse her. The end destination is back home, where Ashley and their children have decorated the backyard with lights and flowers.


SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle’s parents travel to Mexico to meet Roberta

In tonight’s episode, Garrick and Dannielle bring Dannielle’s parents, Scott and Luann to Mexico so they can meet Roberta. They are struggling with the idea, but are trying to be supportive. Garrick says that he no longer has his own family in his life so he appreciates his inlaws’ presence. They’ve strategically timed this visit during Roberta’s ovulation so she can possibly get pregnant during the visit. Garrick cited COVID-19, immigration issues, and Roberta’s age (34) as reasons for why he wants to try for a baby right away instead of waiting to get married.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Religion and Beliefs: Why is Garrick Merrifield polygamous?

The Merrifields are one of the couples on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wives who claim to be practicing polygamy for religious reasons, unlike the Snowdens who say it’s a nonreligious choice for them. Unlike the Winders, who come from a Fundamentalist Mormon background where their church preaches polygamy and they grew up around it, The Merrifields are practicing it based on their own interpretation of the Christian bible (kind of similar to the McGees from last season.)


SEEKING SISTER WIFE Religion & Beliefs: Why are the Snowdens polygamists?

In the United States, the religious practice of polygynous (a.k.a one man and mulitple women) polygamy is mostly associated with Fundamentalist Mormons. Only one the family on the current season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wives fits into that belief system (the Winders,) but many of the couples on the show over the years mention religion and spirituality as motivation for what they choose to do. The Snowdens, however, are an exception. Although they are spiritual, and seem to have a lot of spiritual practices, they are clear that they do not practice polygamy for religious reasons.


SEEKING SISTER WIFE Are Garrick and Roberta married now? Does Dannielle have a new boyfriend?

Tonight’s episode of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife shows a pivotal moment in the stressful courtship between Garrick Merrifield and Roberta. Garrick divorced Dannielle, his wife of 12 years, in order to bring Roberta, a Brazilian citizen, to the U.S. on a K-1 fiance visa. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which closed borders and put delays and restrictions on immigration, Garrick felt it was necessary to meet with Roberta in order to try to get her pregnant even though they weren’t married yet, which triggered intense emotions in Dannielle.

The events from this episode took place a year ago. Are Roberta and expecting a baby? Have they had the chance to get married? Are Garrick and Dannielle still together? We don’t have any answers, but there are some clues.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Ashley Snowden’s pre-sex 21-day alkaline pH detox diet

In season two of Seeking Sister Wife the Snowdens asked their potential new wife Vanessa, who likes her red meat, to go through a 21-day alkaline “detox” diet before being intimate with Dimitri for the first time.

Vanessa did go through the challenging diet and even married Dimitri in a lavish ceremony, but by season three, Vanessa had left the family to live in Australia with her sister. The new prospective wives, Taylor and Crystalline, were asked to undergo the same three-week regimen. According to Ashely, this highly restrictive vegan diet will align the pH balance of other women with hers so no one will get a yeast infection while they share a man.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Ariadne launches GoFundMe for Christeline and her daughters

Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen is reportedly in hiding with her two daughters after she left her estranged sister wife Ashley Snowden and estranged husband Dimitri Snowden amidst allegations of abuse against them both. She and her daughters came to the United States from South Africa last year, and they are reportedly having a very difficult time while in hiding. Fortunately for Christeline, an actual sisterhood is forming between other former wives of the Snowdens, and they are working together to promote a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of getting Christeline and her daughters some much needed financial assistance.