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Seeking Sister Wife Winder family update interview: Season 4, another sister wife & more questions answered

Seeking Sister Wife stars Colton Winder, Tami Winder and Sophie Winder sit down for an hour-long interview with Linda Antwi of The Melanated Way. The Winder family answers questions about Sophie’s current pregnancy, a potential future sister wife or wives, and Seeking Sister Wife Season 4! Keep reading to watch the full interview and read some of the highlights.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden may be homeless; where is Ashley?

In an email leaked to Reddit by someone who Seeking Sister Wives star Dimitri Snowden may owe money to, a sender going by the name Dimitri Snowden says he is currently homeless and asks the lender if there is any kind of work he could possibly do for them to repay his debt, including working on a farm or any other type of manual labor.

Sidian Jones’ 1st wife Jennie Dschaak starts GoFundMe, disputes Seeking Sister Wife narrative

The “first wife” of Seeking Sister Wife star Sidian Jones is speaking out — and asking for money! A couple days after we broke the story that Sidian’s current “wife” Tosha Jones was charged with felony theft on the same day that Sidian’s first wife was charged with felony burglary back in 2016, his ex has posted her side of the story, which is much different than what Sidian and Tosha said on screen. She has also launched a GoFundMe in hopes of raising money to help in her fight to regain custody of the two children she has with Sidian.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Garrick and Roberta try for a baby in Cabo

This week’s episode of Seeking Sister Wives shows the Merrifields on a babymaking vacation with Roberta in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This time they brought their two sons and Dannielle’s parents, Scott and Luann. The family spending some bonding time together getting to know each other, but at night Garrick and Roberta are actively trying to get pregnant.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Christeline’s wedding to the Snowdens

Tonight’s new episode of Seeking Sister Wife shows the intimate wedding Chrissy has with the Snowdens only one week after Dimitri surprised proposed to her. Because of COVID the event was lowkey and homey, unlike the more elaborate affair the family had with Vanessa Cobbs. The situation was more complicated, however, because it didn’t work out and now Chrissy has to through a legal divorce.

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones charged for felony same day as Sidian’s 1st wife in 2016

It appears that Seeking Sister Wife couple Tosha and Sidian Jones left a little out when sharing their relationship history with TLC cameras. They openly talked about how Sidian was married to his first wife when he met Tosha, and how they eventually invited her to be a sister wife. What they didn’t mention is that Tosha and Sidian’s first wife were both charged with felonies — one for burglary and the other for theft — on the same day in 2016!

What happened to the Alldredges’ marriage to Donna? Why aren’t they on SEEKING SISTER WIFE anymore?

The Alldredege family was on the first two seasons of Seeking Sister Wife, and both seasons ended in disappointment for the family. This didn’t keep them from continuing to look for a new addition to their family, which they found in a woman named Donna, who Jeff Allredge married last July. Not even a year later, that marriage is over for the Alldredge, but it would have made for compelling content on Seeking Sister Wife. What happened with Donna, and why are they missing for this season?

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Religious Beliefs: Why are the Winders polygamists?

Of all the families that have been featured on Seeking Sister Wife, and even other polygamist shows like Sister Wives, The Winder family comes across as the most stable and happy. While their faith is what compelled them to enter into this type of arrangement, it appears that their compatible personalities and the work they’ve put into nurturing their relationship have truly allowed their family to function and flourish.

Seeking Sister Wife update on Chrissy and her kids after Snowden abuse allegations, divorce filing

Seeking Sister Wife star Christeline Petersen speaks out for the first time after filing restraining orders against Ashley and Dimitri Snowden for alleged abuse back in March. In addition to thanking everyone for their support, including a successful GoFundMe campaign, Chrissy reveals that she and her two daughters are “doing okay for now.” The three have reportedly been in hiding since leaving the Snowdens in March.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE How Dimitri proposed to Chrissy

Tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife includes the ill-fated proposal of Dimitri Snowden to Christeline “Chrissy” Peterson. For the proposal, the pair hit the town for their second date since knowing each other, although they have spent quite a bit of time together in the same house due to COVID. Dimitri blindfolds Chrissy for their date, and drives her around L.A. to confuse her. The end destination is back home, where Ashley and their children have decorated the backyard with lights and flowers.