SEEKING SISTER WIFE Marcus Epps running for Euclid City Council re-election

Seeking Sister Wife Marcus Epps Euclid Mayoral campaign video

Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps just announced that he plans to run for re-election to the Euclid City Council. Apparently, Marcus is not worried about coming out on national television as a polygamist, multiple scandals in his past, still owing A LOT of property tax, and appearing as though he and his family actually live in Florida a lot of the time.

“I am proud to announce that I have decided to fight for my city of Euclid, Ohio for 4 MORE YEARS!” Marcus began his Instagram announcement posted on Tuesday. Here’s the rest of Marcus’ announcement, followed by the photo and music that accompanied it:

I was ready to walk away and resign, but the fix is in! What type of man, American, father or role model would I be if I walked away leaving folks to destruction? I just can’t do it. Euclid deserves a fighting chance and as of today, that is still possible.

I am running to give this city what it’s been longing for and that’s true leadership that prioritizes people over politics.

Euclid, Councilman Epps is here and here to stay!!!!!!!!!!

Official announcement coming soon….

#fightingforthefolks #euclidohio #polyfam #normalfamily #peoplefirst

We will keep an eye out for the official announcement from Marcus!

UPDATE – Marcus apparently had a change of heart about running for City Council in 2023 because HE’S RUNNING FOR MAYOR!

Marcus Epps political career

Marcus Epps began his political career with high aspirations as he ran for Mayor of Euclid in 2015. Marcus ran with the slogan “Bring Euclid Back” as he promised to return the city to it’s former greatness.

The mayoral election didn’t go Marcus’ way as he finished a distant third behind Kirsten Holzheimer Gail.

Marcus announced that he planned to run for Mayor of Euclid again in 2019, but that campaign never materialized. Instead, Marcus lowered his sights a bit and ran for City Council representing Ward 3. As you are aware, that campaign was successful as Marcus eeked out the victory by just 15 votes!

Marcus Epps re-election hurdles

Marcus seems to have quite the uphill battle in store for himself in the upcoming election. Below are just a few topics that I’m sure his campaign team will be looking to address.

POLYGAMY – I can’t imagine that being a polygamist is going to go over well in a conservative state like Ohio. However, I checked the 2020 Presidential election results for Cuyahoga County and Biden won by a 2:1 margin over Trump. Marcus is a great salesman, so perhaps he will be able to make the polygamy thing work for him — even with a divorce and ten children.

RESIDENCY – Marcus and his family recently rented a different house in Orlando, Florida. Based on their Seeking Sister Wife appearance and their social media accounts, the Epps family spends most of their time in Florida. It’s not clear if their children attend school in Florida or Ohio.

HOUSING VIOLATIONS – Five months after Marcus and wife Taryn were tied to an unlicensed club shooting in Cleveland that resulted in the death of a young woman, a house belonging to Marcus caught fire. Five months after the house fire, police served a search warrant at the address. “According to Euclid Fire Department Chief Chris Haddock, the search warrant was issued in connection with a house fire and housing code violations,” 19 News reported at the time. Marcus Epps was officially charged with multiple housing violations in January of last year.

UNPAID PROPERTY TAXES – In March of 2022, a Fox 8 I-Team “checked property tax records for every mayor and council member in Cuyahoga County, making up hundreds of elected officials.”

The investigation uncovered 16 elected officials who were behind on paying their taxes. “Of that group, we noticed Euclid Councilman Marcus Epps owing the most with more than $12,000.”

When reached for comment, Marcus brought up the house fire and described his family’s recent situation as a “struggle.”

More from the Fox 8 report:

But, county records show Epps has not paid any property taxes since 2019, long before the house fire. Epps insists he has made payments although the county tells us there’s no record of that.

“I’m saying we’ve made payments since 2019,” Epps said.

But when we asked for dates of those payments, he did not provide any.

I just checked Cuyahoga County property tax records and a Euclid property belonging to Marcus and a woman named Latricia is still in arrears. The “current due” amount is listed as $18,490.64, with $16,523.81 of that being delinquent taxes and penalties. The property is the same one that caught fire.

It’s unknown if the Epps family will be returning for another season of Seeking Sister Wife. However, it is clear that they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to be more enticing to show producers! Marcus and India are reportedly planning a wedding, the family started dating Ashley and Dimitri Snowden’s estranged sister wife, Christeline Petersen, and Marcus will be running for office!

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