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GYPSY SISTERS Annie Malone arrested for exploitation of an elderly person, additional felonies

Less than two weeks after Gypsy Sisters star Angela Malone (aka Annie Johnston) shared photos on social media of a Louis Vuitton bag and Armani sunglasses she purchased on a trip to New York City, the 31-year-old was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled Person's Trust.

Taylor Swift’s ex Conor Kennedy arrested, poses for hairtrulescent mug shot

With just a couple days left before the new year, we have a brand new contender for best celebrity mug shot of 2016 after Taylor Swift's ex (and, oh yeah, Robert "Bobby" Kennedy's grandson) Conor Kennedy looked (and acted) like a real life version of the hairtasticly handsome bully Steve from Stranger Things by getting into an early AM bar brawl in Colorado.

VIDEOS MUG SHOT Trey Songz arrested for assaulting Detroit police sergeant during concert meltdown

Trey Songz turned into Trey Tantrumz Wednesday night in Detroit after he went over his allotted time during "The Big Show at The Joe" concert and had his microphone turned off. Trey told the audience that they threatened to silence his mic, and he proudly boasted "if a n***a cut me off, I'm going the f**k crazy, you know what I'm saying?" They did and he did, resulting in a police sergeant suffering a concussion and Trey being arrested.