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THE WILLIS FAMILY Jessica Fisher reveals sexual abuse by dad Toby Willis

Viewers of the TLC reality series The Willis Family were shocked when news broke in September of 2016 that family patriarch Toby Willis had been arrested and charged with four counts of rape involving a young girl. Nine months after Toby pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the Willis family's oldest child, Jessica Willis Fisher, is sharing her story of lifelong sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

The Willis Family dad Toby Willis pleads guilty to child rape, sentenced to 40 years

Toby Willis, the dad from the TLC reality series The Willis Family, pleaded guilty today to four counts of child rape and received two 25-year sentences and two 40-year sentences. Those sentences are to be served concurrently at 100 percent, which means he won't be getting out until 2057. Get the details and read the statement issued by the Willis family after the sentencing.

VIDEO Willis Family accident and van crash photos, news reports from 1994

The Willis Family accident that took six of Toby Willis' brothers and sisters in 1994 was a horrifying tragedy, one that changed the family forever and began a corruption investigation that ultimately brought down a Governor. Toby and Brenda Willis were married with two children and a third on the way when the accident occurred; read on to find out exactly what happened, and how the three surviving Willis siblings coped with the accident.

Is the Willis Family Quiverfull? Brenda Willis discusses 13th pregnancy possibility

Is the Willis Family Quiverfull? Speculation about the specific ideology of the 14-member family has been building in light of their rise to reality TV prominence over the past few years–and because of the fall from grace of the Duggar Family, who aren't strict adherents to the controversial movement, but who embrace its principles. The Willis Family has been largely silent on the matter, except for one telling interview with matriarch Brenda Willis.

How does the Willis Family make their money?

The 14-member Willis Family is used to being asked a lot of questions about the logistics of their daily lives, and perhaps no question is more common than a very fundamental one when you're talking about two parents putting food on the table for a dozen kids: How does the Willis Family make their money? Unfortunately for Toby and Brenda Willis, part of the answer to that question is rooted in a terrible tragedy that struck Toby's family when he was a young man. Read on to find out all about the car accident that could have claimed Toby's life–and to see how he and Brenda have turned tragedy into relentless energy, creativity, and optimism.