MUG SHOTS Below Deck’s Kate Chastain arrested for domestic battery by strangulation of girlfriend Ro

Kate Chastain mug shots 2016 arrest

Below Deck Chief Stew Kate Chastain is no stranger to warm waters, but the reality star now looks to be in some seriously hot water after she was arrested Monday and charged with felony domestic violence for allegedly strangling her girlfriend, Ro Hernandez!

Kate was reportedly arrested after Ro (actual name Rocio Hernandez) showed up at work with bruises on her arm. From TMZ:

According to cops … Kate tried to kick her drunk girlfriend out of their house and when she refused, Kate bit her in the forearm, bicep and leg. Cops say Kate also put a knee on her head, choked her, and tried to stop her breathing.

Kate Chastain mug shot arrest 2016

Kate has been charged with domestic battery by strangulation, a third degree felony. Here is a description of the very serious charge from the Florida statute:

A person commits domestic battery by strangulation if the person knowingly and intentionally, against the will of another, impedes the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of a family or household member or of a person with whom he or she is in a dating relationship, so as to create a risk of or cause great bodily harm by applying pressure on the throat or neck of the other person or by blocking the nose or mouth of the other person.

Below Deck Kate Chastain arrested 2016

Kate had a hearing on Tuesday and was released on $5,000 bond. She later took to Twitter to thank those who have supported her during this difficult time and to assure everyone that there is a “truth” that will come out:

UPDATE – Kate has since shared a blog entry about the moments leading up to her arrest and the weeks after — click the link for details.

Kate’s Below Deck co-star Captain Lee Rosbach also responded to her arrest on Twitter:

Ok, peeps, I have not spoken to Kate and really am shocked by what I’m seeing. I really just found out about it a few ago and am not going rush to judge, nor will I ignore the facts when I actually find out what they are. You guys probably know more than I do, but I am stunned.

Captain Lee later conversed with others about Kate’s arrest, continuing to insist he was going to support Kate and be patient until he learns more facts about what happened:

Captain Lee showed his support for Kate on Facebook as well:
CAPTAIN LEE: I will not condone the wrongdoing of another person, friend or not, they will have consequences for their actions, but will I desert that friend because they made a mistake. Hell will freeze first.
COMMENT: Please Kate get better do right ownup to this an we will be here for you an i believe Capt.Lee will be there for you also remember you have people that care so do better an what you have to do to get your life back love.
CAPTAIN LEE: I’m going to wait until I get all the facts about this before I even think that Kate was wrong in what she did. If she was, Kate would take responsibility I’m sure. I don’t know what happened and until I find out, I’m not convicting anyone. Thanks .

COMMENT: One can’t comment without knowing all the facts…someone has to go jail in a domestic violence call and there’s a lot involved…
CAPTAIN LEE: Indeed Robin, someone has to go, but that doesn’t mean that they are the guilty party. Thank you for pointing that out, its always 2 sided.

COMMENT: She beats up her girlfriend and you are all acting like this is ok? Wow!
CAPTAIN LEE: Trish, sometimes its like football, a flag gets thrown for some player hitting another player, but what often happens is the one who got flagged for being aggressive, was only defending themselves, but the refs didn’t see that part of it.. Just saying its possible.

COMMENT: Love you Capt Lee, but to call what Kate did a misfortune is wrong. Misfortune is getting cancer, not having a physical altercation with your girlfriend. I’m with Rocky on this one, even though I don’t like her.
CAPTAIN LEE: Janet, sorry, I can’t agree with you on this one as I don’t have all the facts and to assume someone is guilty with out hearing all the information to me is just wrong, and that is not how our country or legal system operates. I will wait until I get the facts and then make my decision, but I will not desert a friend if indeed they did make a mistake.

COMMENT: Good on you mate. Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately Kate will have to pay for hers.
CAPTAIN LEE: If indeed she did make a mistake Pete, all the facts are not in and I haven’t heard the whole story so I’m going to wait until I do. I have hope.

COMMENT: Everyone acted as if Rocky was criminally insane when she jumped off the yacht. Quirky, yeah. Short tempered & a little immature, sure. Meanwhile Kate is apparently physically as well as emotionally abusive and everyone defends her. Hmmm….
CAPTAIN LEE: Shonda, I’m just going to wait for all the facts, before, I form an opinion. Just the way I roll.

COMMENT: I was shocked to read about Kate. Also read about a couple other arrest for DUI/Xanax? I don’t believe every I read. But domestic violence? . I wish her well but she needs to address her issues. Good for you to not hold it against her.
CAPTAIN LEE: If its true, Suzy, we don’t have the whole story yet, but it will surface and then we’ll know what happened.

Another of Kate’s Below Deck co-stars has reacted to her arrest on social media, but with a completely different tack than Captain Lee. Yes, of course I’m talking about Raquel “Rocky” Dakota:

Rocky shared numerous posts on Instagram (later deleted) about Kate’s arrest, including this lengthy entry that accompanied a screen shot of Kate’s mug shot and TMZ’s story:

I’m sorry #hanniballector HELL YEAH I DOVE OFF THE YACHT!! • MY XBOSS! • Nobody had any balls to stand up to her and call her out on her… excuse my language #bullsh!t !! She put me down daily. I feel like I’m just now recovering from her TOXIC energy. She literally gave me PTS, I cried almost every night… It was the worst environment I had ever been apart of… She also publicly posted my phone number on social media and I got hundreds of death threats from her adoring vans… #evil Anyways, I’m sure we’ve all had our own experiences w #horriblebosses thank you for making me a stronger person and showing me how NOT to treat people!! A big part of me feels bad for her and hope she gets some help. *Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you realize you have a problem. ? #prayforkate#belowdeck #bravotv @bravoandy@bravotv @belowdeckbravo.

Rocky then shifted a bit with a video of herself doing yoga along with this slightly more forgiving caption:

I just really want her to get help and I think that she’s just hurting. She’s really jut hurting inside and, you know, she’s got some issues. We all have issues. We all have things we have to deal with. So whatever those issues are I hope she finds the root of the problem and we can be there for her… if I can be there for her. I hope she finds peace. Praying for Kate.

Rocky also shared some reactions on Twitter — in addition to the one Captain Lee responded to above:

The current legal issues for Kate are nothing new, as she has had a few other run-ins with the law in the past. Of course, none of those were quite as serious as felony strangulation! Like Captain Lee, I am anxiously awaiting to hear Kate’s explanation for what happened — and as soon as we have that we will update you.

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