CONFIRMED LHHATL’s Tommie admits alias Latisha Jefferson, discusses extensive criminal history


The LHHATL Tommie criminal record story is true–and the source confirming it is none other than Tommie herself! After our Tommie mug shot extravaganza went viral last week, VH1 sat the newest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member down for an interview–one in which she acknowledged that “Tommie” is a stage name, and that the alias attributed to her criminal past is her real name.

Our report on Tommie / Atasha Jefferson’s criminal background, which you can read in full here, lent credence to a number of rumors regarding the LHHATL star’s arrest record in her native Georgia, as well as Florida and Minnesota. In short, it looked like Tommie’s real name was Atasha Jefferson, and she’d been arrested approximately three dozen times over the past fourteen years, on charges that included forgery, identity theft, bus hijacking (no, really!), and larceny. And, as you can see above, it looked like there was a mug shot to match nearly each charge.


Plus earlier this week, Tommie sent a pointed message to any and all haters directing messages toward her in light of the mug shot allegations: “Don’t you judge me, b!tch.

Now, though, Tommie has addressed those allegations, and confirmed many of them. In her newest interview with VH1, Tommie acknowledges that many of the mug shots attributed to her are actually of her, and “some of them ain’t.” As for the ones that aren’t, Tommie kept a sense of humor: “I was dying laughing like, you just see question marks on that one mugshot. That b!tch looked like she been drugged. Some of them sh*ts is not even me. Half the time I’ve been on probation without going to prison….I’m not denying any of the sh*t that I did but that’s not the life I live right now.”

Tommie also confirms her real name–though there’s still a question mark on this point. In response to the question of whether or not Tommie is her actual name, her response is “My real name is Latisha Jefferson. Tommie is my actual stage name. It was the nickname that I was called as a kid for being a tomboy. They called me Tommie or Tomboy so yea, that’s my stage name.” However, when we searched for criminal records using Tommie’s alias “Atasha Jefferson”–which was the name mentioned in the original rumors about Tommie–we came across all of the information included in our report, including the many Atasha Jefferson mug shots. (It’s also possible that “Latisha” is a transcription error yet to be corrected.)

LHHATL Tommie mug shots 1

However, when asked about how she dealt with jail from such an early age, Tommie’s story turns painfully serious–including a recollection of giving birth to her first daughter while incarcerated:

The jail treated me so bad. I almost lost my first daughter and I was in jail for violating probation on drug charge her father had, and I didn’t tell on him. So I went to f*cking jail. I was only 17 and at 19 I was on probation. I had an evil probation officer….One day I was sitting in jail just leaking and I pressed the button like, please somebody, can I get checked? You know it’s hard to get medical attention in jail. Then they said if you press the button again you’re getting locked down. So when it was our time to get out, I called my mom and I was like “Ma, some sh*t is coming out and it’s just coming out every day.” Then the jail said if I press the button I’m going to get locked down. My mom was like, “Pee on yourself right now.” So, I pissed on myself. When I did, the whole floor was going crazy. Everyone was screaming “We ’bout to have a baby!” So then they took my to the hospital and it was no fluid around my baby. I had to have an emergency C-section. Yea, that saved my daughter. I wasn’t cuffed to the bed. The police were really nice. They let my family come in so it wasn’t like a horrible transition. Then I had to go back to the jail and they rushed me to court. The judge went off. He was so f*cking mad! I’ll never forget it.

Elsewhere, Tommie confirms what Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s many fans have been thinking for a week: that she’s had a crazy life! “It is,” she says, when the interviewer states that it does indeed sound crazy. “It’s non-stop drama. That’s why I don’t understand. These people make up all these stories and shit. B!tch I’m tryna run away from stories. I just want to live a calm life. That’s what I really want.”

You can read the full LHHATL Tommie criminal record interview here, courtesy of VH1. And you can catch new episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Monday nights at 8 PM.

(Photo credits: LHHATL Tommie criminal record via Instagram)

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