WAGS MIAMI Hencha Voigt arrested for extorting Snapchat star YesJulz with nude photos & videos

WAGS Miami Hencha Voigt arrested

E! announced last month that they were expanding their WAGS reality show franchise into the Sunshine State with WAGS Miami, and one of the show’s stars is already making headlines. Model Hencha Voigt and a male accomplice were arrested and charged with extortion late last month in Miami. The pair allegedly threatened to leak nude photos and videos of Snapchat star Julieanna Gooddard–aka YesJulz–unless she paid them $18,000.

According to the police report, 28-year-old Hencha and a man named Wesley Victor, 33, initially contacted YesJulz via cell phone and informed her that they had obtained explicit cell photos and videos of her. (They claimed the data had come from YesJulz’s own phone.) Hencha allegedly sent some samples as proof before handing the negotiating off to Wesley.

Wesley texted YesJulz the following message: “18k cash there on USB you can have them back as I said you dope chick. I like your movment look if I feel any fun business game over your choice.”

YesJulz contacted police and arranged a meeting in South Beach at 11 PM on July 21. When Miami Beach police arrived, they found Hencha and Wesley, plus the cell phone used to send the text messages — which Hencha tried to hide by sitting on it. According to the report, Hencha “admitted to the above crime and implicated the defendant in the same.”

Hencha Voigt’s mug shot photo from the arrest:

WAGS Miami Hencha Voigt arrested mugshot

Here is the full account from the police arrest report:

Defendant (Wesley H Victor) & co defendant (Hencha B Voigt) contacted the victim and told her that they had sexually explicit still pictures and videos of her. Co defendant tells the victim they got all of the pictures and videos from her cell phone. Co defendant sent a few pictures and videos as proof to the victim. Co defendant told victim that she (victim) will have to negotiate with defendant before they post all of the pictures and videos on social media. Co defendant told her that defendant will contact her from a trap phone. The defendant then sent a text message to the victim stating “18k cash there on USB you can have them back as I said you dope chick. I like your movment look if I feel any fun business game over your choice”. The victim was given a 24 hour deadline to pay the money.

On today’s date, the defendant and co defendant were located. The defendant was sitting in the front passenger seat and was seen attempting to conceal a cell phone by sitting on it. Co defendant gave consent to search the vehicle, and the phone was identified as the phone used to commit the extortion. Post Miranda per form, the co defendant admitted to the above crime and implicated the defendant in the same.

The defendant and co defendant’s actions maliciously threaten to expose the victim to disgrace.

In case you are unfamiliar with “YesJulz,” she has hundreds of thousands of viewers on Snapchat, and her success on the site merited an article about her in The New York Times and earned her the nickname “The Snapchat Queen” from The Huffington Post.


In case you are unfamiliar with Hencha Voigt, which is far more likely, here is her bio description from E!:

Hencha Voigt fell in and out of love with an NBA star, previously of the Boston Celtics. With a long roster of pro-athletes she’s dated, including former Miami Heat and Miami Marlins stars, Hencha is currently single and hitting the VIP party scene hard. As a fitness model and trainer, she’s been featured in numerous music videos, the TV series Ballers, several films, crushed many fashion runways and modeled commercially. Hencha and Metisha plan to launch a clothing line together.

As far as her arrest, Hencha seemed to address it with an unconcerned tweet less than a week later:

Judging from the information in the police report, it sure seems like a pretty open-and-shut case. They found Hencha in possession of the cell phone used in the extortion, and she confessed after being read her Miranda Rights? I guess we will have to wait to hear about this “truth” that Hencha says will be heard. According to online records, Hencha’s next scheduled court appearance is a hearing on August 19. Stay tuned!

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