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PHOTOS VIDEO Leah Messer and new boyfriend Jason Jordan look pretty dang happy together

It's been one month since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer officially revealed that she is dating 39-year-old Jason Jordan, a fellow divorcee and father of a two-year-old boy. Since that time, she hasn't really posted too much about him on social media. That changed earlier today as Leah shared a video and several photos enjoying some good ol' country fun with her man -- and I don't think she's ever looked happier.

Leah Messer has a new boyfriend! Meet 39-year-old Jason Jordan

In a flirty Fourth of July Instagram exchange, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer revealed that she has a new love interest  -- and now we know the mystery man's identity! Keep reading to learn all about Jason Jordan, a 39-year-old divorced medical sales rep from West Virginia with a two-year-old son. Find out if he will be on the next season of Teen Mom 2, and check out his YouTube alter ego, "Meth Man."

Kail Lowry dating 6 Quavo clones on new dating reality series for MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry recently announced on her Coffee Convos podcast that she would be looking for love on a dating reality show. She didn't share any specific details about the show, but it has since been revealed that it is a new celebrity crush look-alike themed dating series in which MTV celebrities date multiple people that resemble their celebrity crushes. In Kail's case, that apparently means that she went out out with at least six different guys who look like Quavo from the rap trio Migos.

MY 600 LB LIFE Nikki Webster now happily married and looking better than ever

Our latest update on My 600 Lb Life Nikki Webster now is a very happy one indeed! Since her most recent episode aired, Nikki tied the knot in a lovely ceremony with her boyfriend Marcus. She also looks better and happier than ever alongside Marcus in the wedding photos. We’ve got the pics to prove it, plus a few other intriguing tidbits on Nikki’s journey!

My 600 Lb Life’s Zsalynn Whitworth finds new love after divorcing ex-husband Gareth

Years after making her divorce final, My 600 Lb Life‘s Zsalynn Whitworth seems to have found a truly good place. Zsalynn struggled with depression after getting rid of her manipulative, emotionally abusive ex-husband Gareth — but appears to have found new love, and is making every minute count with her daughter, Hannah.

PHOTOS Erin Napier of HGTV’s Home Town is pregnant with her first child

We're already on record declaring Home Town the coziest show on HGTV-- which puts it high in the running for coziest worldwide. And we know we're not alone in being super-jazzed for Home Town Season 2, which was greenlighted by the network earlier this year. So it might be hard to believe this, but the show is actually about to get even *more* heartwarming and feel-good: Erin Napier just revealed that she's pregnant with her first child!