Kail Lowry dating 6 Quavo clones on new dating reality series for MTV

Kail Lowry dating show Perfect Fit Quavo

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry recently announced on her Coffee Convos podcast that she would be looking for love on a dating reality show. She didn’t share any specific details about the show, but it has since been revealed that it is a new celebrity crush look-alike themed dating series in which MTV celebrities date multiple people that resemble their celebrity crushes. In Kail’s case, that apparently means that she went out out with at least six different guys who look like Quavo from the rap trio Migos.

UPDATE – MTV officially announced the series almost a year later. Officially titled Game of Clones, the show will feature seven clones in stead of six and will also star Jersey Shore’s Pauly D , as well as a number of folks from The Challenge. Just click the link for all the deets!

The first report of Kail’s involvement in the project came via Vevmo, and they paired Kail with the Quavo clones right away. According to that post, the show had a working title of Game of Clonees/Perfect Match. Producers issued the following casting call for the show back in March:

Kail Lowry dating reality series Perfect Match Quavo casting call MTV

There was a very similar show in the UK last year called Game of Clones. In that series, prospective daters built avatars of their dream match, and producers scoured the country looking for eight exact matches who would live with the potential dater until he/she chooses just one. That show was from a different production company, so I don’t know if the two projects are officially tied together in any way.

The Game of Clonees/Game of Clones connection may be moot anyways as the casting call website address uses Perfect Match, which I’m guessing is the title producers were leaning towards.

Kail and the Quavos (sounds like a music group) were in Los Angeles filming the show this weekend, with many of the Quavos sharing videos of the wrap party — which is pretty surreal given that they seem to all share the same hairstyle:

Kail Lowry Quavo look alikes dating relity show Perfect Fit

So how did the experience go for Kail? Apparently not very well. “This weekend was a waste of my time lol,” she tweeted on Monday while headed back to Delaware from LA. “Shoulda stayed home,” she added. Then, during the airing of Teen Mom 2, she tweeted: “Update: I’m not dating anyone #teenmom2”

If you are curious about the rest of the cast, here is the list from the Vevmo post — which seems VERY credible at this point:

Leroy Garrett (from Real World and The Challenge)
Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lopez

Johnny Bananas (from Real World and The Challenge)
Celebrity Crush: Unknown (Female version of Johnny Bananas? Janey Coconuts?)

Kailyn Lowry (from Teen Mom 2)
Celebrity Crush: Quavo

Kam Williams (from Are You The One? and The Challenge)
Celebrity Crush: Unknown

Cara Maria Sorbello (from The Challenge)
Celebrity Crush: Unknown

Celebrity crushes from the casting call not listed above: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Ciara, Megan Fox, Jason Momoa.

It seems that the casting department had the hardest time finding look-alikes for The Rock, Selena Gomez, and Jason Momoa as they issued an urgent, last minute casting call for those three just 12 days ago. In that casting call it promises “up to $4k” in compensation and “up to $500 of designer wardrobe.”

Although it appears as though none of these fine gentlemen were lucky enough to score a relationship with Kail, here are some samples of the reported Quavo clone courters:

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On a side note, I just know that Farrah Abraham is fuming that she missed out on this show! (Assuming that her firing did mean that she won’t be a part of it.) Hmmm… Who would Farrah Abraham’s celebrity crush be? (Besides herself.)

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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