Christina El Moussa thinks her new boyfriend Ant Anstead is ‘definitely’ marriage-worthy

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead 2

Apparently Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead are the real deal — if the Flip or Flop‘s own words are to be believed. Christina, who just capped off a tough couple of years by snagging an HGTV show of her very own, revealed that she envisions marrying Ant, and that children are a priority for both of them.

Christina’s been doing press for the upcoming season of Flip or Flop, but fielding a lot of questions about her nine-month relationship with Ant, best known for hosting Wheeler Dealers and British programme For Love of Cars. She poured her own marriage gossip in a recent interview with E!, putting it about as plainly as possible: “I could definitely see myself getting married to Ant in the future,” she said. “And I know the kids would be very happy about that.”

That last bit was almost certainly a dig at Christina’s estranged partner Tarek El Moussa, most recently in headlines for maybe possibly banging his kids’ second consecutive nanny. But Christina didn’t stop at throwing shade; she went on to describe exactly how Ant, 39, props her up and keeps her life in perspective:

Ant has been so supportive. He’s very grounded. As he entered my world, there’s so many false stories spinning out there and he’s never said one word to me about any of it. He always just says, ‘You’re an amazing person. You’re an amazing mom. You’re an amazing girlfriend.’ He’s so positive with me that he’s just really lifted me up in so many ways.

For his part, Ant has played the role of supportive, laid-back, totally understanding boyfriend quite well over the past few months. As Country Living pointed out, one of Ant’s few public statements on Tarek El Moussa — specifically, the fact that Tarek and Christina are still working together — had nothing but praise for both parties. When an Instagram follower asked (rhetorically, no doubt) “Isn’t it weird that she is still on TV with her ex?”, Ant actually replied, saying “Not at all! What truly inspiring professionals they both are! Hats off to them.”

Ant played the “professional” card again in a separate Instagram post weeks later. But the thing I love the most about this post is the beautifully subtle shade his parentheses cast:

For what it’s worth, both Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead have made it a point to talk about their easygoing domestic bliss as often as possible. Witness Christina, in an Access Live interview last week, lay it on thick with talk of Ant going to her kids’ soccer games and of how well Ant and Tarek (supposedly) get along:

If you need a little spice after all that healthy eating, enjoy Christina El Moussa rocking her bikini bod on vacation with Ant earlier this year:


Salty hair and toes in the sand with my man ?@ant_anstead ♥️.☀️?

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While we wait for the wedding bells, remember that Christina on the Coast, Christina El Moussa’s first solo TV venture, is expected to debut in early 2019.

(Photo credits: Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead via Instagram)

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