Curse of Oak Island

Did the Curse of Oak Island get solved

Randall Sullivan’s book on the Curse of Oak Island is a love letter to an endless mystery

The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt is Randall Sullivan’s 400-page ode to the everlasting mysteries after which the Lagina Brothers have lusted for years. The journalist and true crime writer explains the island’s history — and a great many of the theories surrounding it — in such meticulous detail that at several points you can’t help but expect Sullivan to finally untangle the Gordian Knot at the center of both the island and the show itself. And, in a way, he does…

Curse of Oak Island Season 6 is officially the biggest in the show’s history

Curse of Oak Island Season 6 spoilers 2

Thanks to the latest news from both History and the show itself, we can now confirm that this season of The Curse of Oak Island will officially be the biggest the show has ever done. But does that mean Rick and Marty finally find treasure? Based on what we know in the way of Curse of Oak Island Season 6 spoilers, the Laginas’ latest discovery may be the most promising yet.

Curse of Oak Island Season 6 premiere date and early spoilers

The latest season of the show has been filming for months, and we’ve now got word of the likeliest Curse of Oak Island Season 6 premiere date. Based on everything we’ve picked up from the production staff and the dig itself, it looks like the new episodes will begin airing in early November — and will pick up right where Season 5’s deepening mysteries left off.

Marty Lagina’s net worth may determine Curse of Oak Island Season 6

Of all the factors determining whether we get a new season of Curse of Oak Island, perhaps none is more important than Marty Lagina’s net worth. The quieter of the two Lagina brothers also happens to be the money man funding the bulk of Rick’s exploration — and his willingness to continue doing so may play a bigger role in the project than even History’s involvement.