Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? Spoilers offer strongest evidence yet

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Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? The increasingly popular History Channel show has its legions of fans on the edges of their legions of seats, thanks to a new season that’s drawn critical raves and brought the Lagina Brothers closer than ever to Oak Island’s mysterious, elusive booty.

But did the Brothers actually find the damn stuff? It’s fair to say that, other than the question of whether or not Curse of Oak Island is fake, the question Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure is the most popular query related to the show. History Channel has just released a new trailer for the Season Three finale, which looks as promising as any episode in the show’s illustrious history, treasure finding-wise. Most recently, the Oak Island crew managed to stick a diver up into the 27-inch base of Borehole 10-X, and it’s possible that that wet-suited fellow in turn got past the jammed-up drill…and into open space.

The History Channel synopsis for tonight’s episode certainly takes the “Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure” question seriously: “Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina finally get answers from the bottom of borehole 10-X just before making an incredible discovery deep inside the Money Pit.”

And the aforementioned teaser does a fantastic job of dragging out the answer to the simple question:


Season Finale | Tonight at 9/8cIt’s all been leading to this. Catch the season finale of #OakIsland TONIGHT at 9/8c, followed by a sneak peek of the new series #BillionDollarWreck!

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So–Did Curse of Oak Island find the treasure? We may well find out tonight, when the finale airs at 9 PM EST on the History Channel.


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