REPORT Curse of Oak Island renewed for Season 5

Curse of Oak Island renewed 2

Treasure hunters and Lagina haters both have something to look forward to next year with Curse of Oak Island renewed for its fifth season. That’s according to a new report from RenewCancelTV, which broke the news shortly before the show aired its “Drilling Down” postmortem on Season 4 last night.

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RCT’s report did conflict with a Monsters and Critics article on “Driling Down,” one that quoted a History exec as saying “No decision had been made yet” regarding Season 5. But it’s possible that the network wanted to wait until Season 4 was completely in the books before making a formal announcement on renewal–something they’ve been teasing for days with their “Drilling Down” promos on social media. Consider the tagline for the final trailer on the show’s official Facebook page: “Tonight, the Lagina brothers are drilling into the future.”

(And let’s not forget that the Lagina brothers used “Drilling Down” to literally put an X on their map of the island. It would be strange indeed to proclaim that you’d managed to find the most likely spot for buried treasure and then turn off the cameras that had been documenting your every move in the search.)

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Furthermore, a recent interview with Oak Island producer Kevin Burns all but confirmed that the show would be back for a fifth season. Burns noted that the Laginas are Larry David-esque in their constant reluctance to do another season of the show upon the conclusion of the most recent one. It’s a “hard sell” to get them to come back, Burns explains–but his own enthusiasm is evident. “I think you could do 10 years on this show,” he went on, “and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story.”

Curse of Oak Island Season 4 pulled in the highest ratings in the show’s history, and was the show’s first season to average over three million viewers per episode. Additionally, “Blood Is Thicker,” the Season 4 finale, had the highest ratings of any Curse of Oak Island episode to date.

(Photo credits: Curse of Oak Island renewed via History on Facebook)

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