VIDEOS Was the Curse of Oak Island treasure found? New promises tease big doins

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The promise of the Curse of Oak Island treasure found has lured viewers for four lucrative seasons–but, for Season 5, it sounds like the Lagina brothers may have actually hit paydirt. (Or that they’re willing to keep paying to hit more dirt.) History’s promotion for Oak Island Season 5 is playing up the idea that Rick and Marty actually struck gold like never before in the show’s history; as is always the case with this hunt, though, the actual treasure may be in the eye of the beholder.

Ever since the network confirmed the show’s November 7th return, a slew of new promo clips have been pushing the ever-popular show as well as setting up the Season 5 plotlines. And, as devotées of the show have already noted, the most prominent angles seem to be both that Rick and Marty might have actually, honest-to-God found something (really!), but also that the “Curse” of the title is playing a bigger role than ever before.

Consider History’s most recent Curse of Oak Island Season 5 teaser, which says outright that the treasure hunt is “coming to a head” this year. Based on what we know about how hard it is for producers to convince the Lagina brothers to come back every year, the suggestion would seem to be that they either find real treasure–or give up trying:

At the same time, though, Rick also reminds viewers that “you have to follow every lead,” which suggests a never-ending treasure hunt! It’s either a knowing wink at the audience or a means of aggravating viewers, depending on your point of view.

As for that fabled Curse? The promises of grievous injury to come are also more prominent than they’ve ever been during the lead-up to a new season:

Regarding the actual Curse of Oak Island treasure found, there are surprisingly few spoilers floating around out there, considering that Rick was spotted all over Oak Island and Nova Scotia this past summer. According to multiple firsthand accounts, he’s quite a gentleman, very approachable and kind, and is more than willing to chat with fans about specific aspects of the dig itself–but kindly deflects all questions about tangible riches.

And in truth, the real secret of Oak Island’s treasure has probably already been revealed by one of the show’s producers, who said in an interview after the Season 4 finale that–for him at least–the real joy is in the treasure hunt, not in what the show might discover:

Do I think there’s more of the story to tell beyond this season? Yes. I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story. I think Oak Island has many, many, many stories to tell.

His use of the word “story” is especially telling. For History, the Oak Island treasure is in the constant chasing down and explaining of every single possible lead. Actually finding something is, in that respect, the *worst* thing that could happen to the show–it would mean that there was no more story to tell (or that interest in the remaining story would drop off like a Money Pit, which amounts to the same thing).

So, if you’re in it for the chase and not the catch, sit back and enjoy an entire new season of Oak Island goodness when the show returns at a new date and time: Tuesday nights at 9 PM on History.

(Photo credits: Curse of Oak Island treasure found via History)

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