‘Earth-shattering’ Curse of Oak Island update ramps up the drama as season finale nears

Did Curse Of Oak Island find anything 2

It’s the most common question from fans and detractors alike: Did Curse of Oak Island find anything? And, now that the latest season is coming to a close, speculation about whether Rick and Marty will, at long last, encounter the treasure they’ve spent years digging toward is at an all-time high. So far during Season 4, viewers have watched the duo struggle with the passage of time and their own uncertainties; deal with the likelihood of a secret code; dabble in FDR’s youthful interest in the Money Pit; and slog through the endless possibilities that 10-X presents (one of which is, of course, that there’s nothing to be found there).

Which means that we’re due for the latest official update from the Oak Island crew–a promise that the very latest discovery could change everything. Technically, it’s always true, no matter how often we’re told 😉

As usual, the show and network are both keeping any potential spoilers or spoiler-y details supremely close to the chest. Here are the plot synposes of the Season 4’s final three episodes, courtesy of TV Guide:

Did Curse of Oak Island find anything

Lest you think the show is just trolling its fans, however, recall that a few weeks ago the Curse of Oak Island official Facebook account shared a meme specifically engineered to deal with skeptics and nonbelievers:

Did Curse Of Oak Island find anything 3

Finally, as has become tradition with our Curse Of Oak Island updates, we’ll leave you with a handful of the best responses to the show’s endless stream of teasing, speculating, and conspiracy theory-ing. Most of the show’s fans seem to understand that #OakIsland is really all about the hunt, not so much the treasure, so make sure you take some of these in the spirit with which they were intended 😉

Curse Of Oak Island Season 4 continues Tuesday nights on History.

(Photo credits: Did Curse Of Oak Island find anything via History)

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