90 Day Fiance stars who were previously on other TV shows

90 Day Fiance cast members who were on other television shows before

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has created numerous reality show superstars, including multiple spin offs for particular couples and families. However, being part of TLC’s popular international romance reality series wasn’t the first time many of the featured Americans looking for love were on television!

We’ve compiled a list of just some of the 90 Day Fiance stars over the years who were making their return to the small screen in various capacities. If we’ve missed any, please reach out via the conatct info at the bottom of the post, or hit us up on Twitter or Instagram!

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins Double Divas


Molly Hopkins is the only 90 Day Fiance star who was previously the star of her own reality show. (Not including pilot episodes — sorry Darcey!) Molly and her Livarae Lingerie bestie, Cynthia Decker, were the co-stars of Lifetime’s Double Divas. (Cynthia’s last name was Richards back then, and she and Molly are anything but besties now.)

From our post about Molly’s previous TV experience:

Double Divas was a reality series starring Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards, owners of the Kennesaw, Georgia custom lingerie shop LiviRae Lingerie. The shop’s motto was “No bust too big or small. We fit them all!” with the ladies being especially inviting to the fuller figure gals. The show ran for two seasons from January, 2013 to September, 2013.

In the Season 2 premiere episode, Molly and Cynthia were joined by fellow Lifetime reality show diva, Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller!

Before the 90 Days Patrick Cornett photos

Patrick Cornett on 6 other TV shows

Patrick Cornett was featured in the very first season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days as he traveled to Paris, France to meet his potential fiancée, Myriam.

Prior to that reality show appearance (the “reality” of his story line with Myriam is up for debate), Patrick was featured on at least six other television shows!

Patrick made appearances on American Ninja Warrior and a TV One dating reality series titled The Game of Dating. On the latter show, Patrick goes on a pole dancing date with a celibate ex-dancer. His bio byline states that he “once got freaky with a 70 year old.”

Patrick was on Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull Challenge and an MTV dating reality series where people go on a date while watching a movie that is airing on MTV at the time. (Yes, apparently that was a show concept.)

We did a VERY extensive post about Patrick Cornett’s resume, which also includes being an MMA fighter and a DJ. Tap the link for all the details, including LOTS of photos and videos.

Before the 90 Days Stephanie Matto on Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Mills as Clarissa Vaughn in the episode Granny Panties

Stephanie Matto on Nickelodeon and court show

The fourth season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured the franchise’s first same-sex relationship between American Stephanie Matto and her Australian girlfriend, Erika Owens.

Stephanie was familiar to a lot of viewers, but not because of her previous television experience. She has a very successful YouTube channel under the name Stepanka, which had just under 350,000 subscribers before Stephanie appeared on TLC.

But, this post isn’t about 90 Day Fiance stars with YouTube channels! Like Patrick Cornett, Stephanie Matto had multiple television appearances before 90 Day Fiance — but their experiences couldn’t be more different!

When Stephanie was just 13 years old, she was a “R U All That? Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Kid in America” finalist after she submitted a video clip of herself as a senile, sausage-obsessed foreigner by the name of Quishva.

From our previous post, which includes a video:

Stephanie was chosen as one of five finalists out of roughly 10,000 applicants. Stephanie and the other four finalists were flown out to Los Angeles where they each recorded a skit with the All That cast that was featured in the R U All That? Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Kid in America special that aired in July of 2003.

Speaking of Stephanie’s comedic roles, many years later she landed a role on Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Mills. And I say “role” because apparently Stephanie was given a script to act out — and the script was GOLDEN!

Stephanie played a young woman named Clarissa Vaughn, who was in court due to a pair of underwear that her boyfriend allegedly made her wear. Those “granny panties” allegedly gave Clarissa a rash, and they would inspire the name of the episode. Clarissa was suing him for $1,032 in personal damage.

There are more details about Stephanie as Clarissa in article linked above, but here’s a video of the episode shared by Stephanie herself:

Before the 90 Days Angela on Maury

Angela Deem on Maury twice and Trisha

Back before Angela Deem began her decades-long 90 Day Fiance career, and back before her daughter, Scottie Deem, became a convicted child molestor, the mother/daughter duo peddled their brand of trashy, outside-voice drama to multiple talk shows.

Angela and Scottie appeared on Trisha Goddard’s talk show Trisha in 2014. Here’s the synopsis of their appearance on the episode, followed by a preview clip that features the Deems in the second half:

Chris and his girlfriend Helena believe that his ex-girlfriend Scottie is trying to pin another man’s baby on him. Chris believes that Scottie was already pregnant while they were together and that she is using this child to keep their relationship alive. Lie detector and paternity test results revealed on today’s Trisha Goddard Show!

Maury Povich must have liked the Deems’ appearance on Trisha because he later had the ladies on his show twice — both times for similar paternity issues. Here’s a preview sample from their first Maury appearance:

Click here for lots more about Scottie and Angela Deem’s appearances on Trisha and Maury.

Darcey Silva on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Before Darcey Silva fell for Jesse Meester on Before the 90 Days, she went looking for love on Patti Stanger’s Million Dollar Matchmaker. Unfortunately for Darcey, she was already perfecting her trademark “unlucky at love” on-screen persona and didn’t manage much screen time — or a date.

In a bit of reality show trivia, Darcey was on the same episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker as former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham. Farrah had more screen time, but not any more luck at finding love.

As most 90 Day Fiance fans are now well aware, Darcey and Stacey foreshadowed their TLC spin-off series Darcey & Stacey when they filmed a pilot episode for a reality show about their lives called The Twin Life. Click here to watch the 10-minute super trailer for The Twin Life and see what Darcey and Stacey looked like before they went completely overboard on plastic surgery.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast in Homeland with Damian Lewis

Elizabeth Potthast on Homeland

Elizabeth Potthast is the only 90 Day Fiance star that I am aware of who previously appeared on television in a legitimate acting role. Elizabeth appeared in an episode of Showtime’s EMMY Award-winning series Homeland!

From our post about Libby’s appearance on Homeland:

With her role listed as simply “cashier,” it’s easy to roll your eyes and scoff — but I tracked down the episode in question and watched the scene with Elizabeth, and it includes multiple lines of dialogue with show star Damian Lewis! That being said, her “cashier” character seems eerily similar to the Elizabeth we’re getting to know on the show — the question is whether or not what 90 Day Fiance viewers are seeing is accurate, or just Elizabeth playing up another “role.”

Visit the link above for more on Elizabeth Potthast’s acting career, which includes a screen shot of her deleted resume, the trailer from a movie she was in, and a link to a video of Libby auditioning for a Harris Teeter grocery store commercial!

Before the 90 Days Geoffrey Paschel as the BTK Killer on Snapped

Geoffrey Paschel on Snapped

Geoffrey Paschel is no stranger to committing crimes in real life, and he’s also no stranger to committing crimes on the small screen. Before Geoffrey appeared on Before the 90 Days, and before he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for kidnapping and brutally beating his fiancée, he appeared on numerous true crime shows with small roles.

Geoffrey’s resume of TV show appearances during the three years prior to being on Before the 90 Days includes Murder Chose Me, Homicide Hunter, Murder Calls, Dying To Belong, and Fatal Attraction. But, Geoffrey’s most infamous performance was as a middle-aged Dennis Rader (aka “The BTK Killer”) on the Oxygen true crime series Snapped.

From our post about Geoffrey as The BTK Killer:

As is often the case with true crime reenactments, the actors were blurred to a certain extent. However, you could clearly see and recognize Geoffrey, who was sporting a large mustache as well as an array of creepy outfits from the time.

It’s very trivial, but there is another example of Geoffrey Paschel appearing on television before he was on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. He was in the audience when Ink Masters: Angels filmed their “Angels in Hotlanta” episode in Atlanta. Perhaps Geoffrey was there looking for nipple tat ideas?

Here’s a not-so-great screen grab of Geoffrey from the episode:

Geoffrey Paschel on Ink Masters Angels

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