90 DAY FIANCE Molly and Luis fight in cell phone video, is it the domestic violence evidence Luis hinted at?

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins Luis Mendez fight cell phone video

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Luis Mendez hinted back in March that he would be posting evidence of domestic violence from his relationship with ex-wife Molly Hopkins, and that’s what looks to have surfaced online today in the form of a cell phone video recorded by Luis of a big fight between the two!

The one-minute-plus clip showed up almost simultaneously on multiple social media platforms, including reddit and Twitter. Here is the video as posted by Twitter user @Overlyattached8:

It is difficult to tell everything Molly and Luis are saying and doing in the clip due to the poor quality, but I managed to piece together a rough and spotty transcript. On numerous forums and online groups they are working on the assumption that Luis asks Molly repeatedly: “Why you hit me?” But I’ve listened to the audio numerous times, and I’m pretty sure he is asking “Why you hate me?”

Here is some of what is said, to the best of my hearing:
MOLLY: Good luck! Oh, you think you’re going to get something from me? Cause you ain’t takin’ sh*t from me!
LUIS: Why you have to [inaudible]
MOLLY: You’re not gonna do anything. Where you talk about [inaudible]
[Luis and Molly garbled]

LUIS: Why?

MOLLY: You think you’re gonna get sh*t? You ain’t gettin’ sh*t!
LUIS: Why you — Why you hate me? Why you hate me? Why you hate me? Why?
MOLLY: Good luck with that! Oh, I got money, and I got a lawyer. You’re out. You’re f**king outta here!
LUIS: Why? Why you hate me? Why you hate me?

MOLLY: Because you know exactly

LUIS: That is a bullsh*t. That is a bullsh*t.

MOLLY: …You manipulate…
LUIS: …After I left everything for you? Because I…
MOLLY: You didn’t leave everything! …it has nothing to do with filming. It has to do with you…how you think you’re gonna stay here…don’t f**kin’ threaten me. Don’t threaten me…
LUIS: You know, I did everything because I love you.
MOLLY: …piece of sh*t. You’re f**king trash.

As far as the video showing domestic violence, it is far from a smoking gun if Luis plans to use that defense to stay in the US. There is one point right around the 17-second mark where Molly appears to raise her hand — but it is unclear if she is swinging a fist, pointing, or what. Here is a screen cap:

90 Day Fiance Molly and Luis domestic violence video

To be honest, without any clear evidence of physical contact, I don’t see this video as anything more severe than Molly’s outbursts documented on the show. Heck, we may see worse before the current season ends!

As we previously reported, since Molly and Luis divorced so soon, it all but eliminated his chances of getting a green card. (The application process averages longer than the amount o time the two were married.) The only viable option would be a clause that would allow Luis to still get his green card from his marriage to Molly if he was the victim of domestic violence.

Here is an excerpt from our previous post about whether or not Luis will be deported after the divorce with a quote from a redditor knowledgeable about the K-1 visa process:

BUT WAIT! Luis still has one potential ace up his sleeve: domestic abuse. “VAWA allows immigrants to get this first green card without the support of the spouse, or without still being married to them, in the event of abuse.” Not only does this seem like a likely ploy Luis would try based on what viewers have seen of him on 90 Day Fiance, and what viewers saw in the preview trailer for the upcoming season of Happily Ever After, but Luis said pretty much exactly that earlier this year!

“If you want to see all about domestic violence soon follow this page it’s gonna post there,” Luis wrote on Instagram in early March, along with the url for his Facebook page. Although he never delivered on his promise as far as providing details about any domestic violence on his Facebook page, I think it is obvious that he is setting the stage for an attempt to accuse Molly of it in hopes of still being able to get his green card. Perhaps that will merit a return for Happily Ever After Season 4?

What do you think? Does Luis have a case for claiming domestic violence at the hands of Molly? And if so, do you think that’s enough to allow him to remain in the US and receive his green card?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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