90 DAY FIANCE Molly says Luis was homophobic, addresses domestic violence charge, wants to bra fit Cardi B

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and shared her thoughts on her ex Luis Mendez, whom she says considered gay people and “abomination of God.” Molly also talks about the domestic violence incident back in January, Luis’ recent marriage, and his claims that Molly only married him and did the show to promote her lingerie business. And speaking of LiviRae Lingerie, Molly reveals that she wishes she could work her bra fitting magic on Cardi B because the rapper puts “forty pounds of meat in a twenty-pound sack.”

During the course of the Tomorrow Show interview (embedded below), Molly talked about another couple that lived near her and Luis. She reveals that Luis used to talk to the man for hours on end, and the two exchanged lots of photos and videos. Keven found that a bit odd, and asked Molly if she thought Luis might be bisexual.

“I have no idea,” Molly replies. “I have no idea. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think so. But sometimes, based on what I do know, I’ve had a lot of straight male friends who were extremely homophobic and turned out to be gay. So, I don’t know. I don’t think so — he’s married, but that could still be part of the agenda. I would never say that though. I would never says that. If he is, I’m totally OK with that. He wasn’t OK with gay people, but I love gay people!”

When pressed on whether or not Luis was homophobic, Molly shared a couple examples:

I was, um, in Santa Domingo one day, and we were going to, like, this cultural center…this car pulls up in the street, and this seemingly flamboyant man in a gold lamè shirt and some boots and hot pants gets out and sashays down the street, and [Luis is] like, “Uhhh, hnn-nuh-nyuh,” you know, like mocking him, and I’m like, “What’s the problem?” He’s like, “Oh no, oh no,” you know, “We, we, we no do that here.”…His attitude was kinda funny about it. And then, my hairdresser, who is one of the most beautiful people I know, is also an ordained minister, and wanted to have the opportunity to possibly marry us, and he flipped his sh*t. And he was, like, “absolutely not, that will never happen,” because he thought it was, you know, an abomination of God, like, you don’t do that.

There was also a segment where Molly exposed herself as a 90 Daytective when she started talking about Luis’ cell phone records:

When I pulled the phone bill to pull down, there were several thousand phone calls that were made during the day while I was at work, to numbers all across the United States. So, he either was meeting people through the internet that he started talking to, or he knew them from, maybe they vacationed before in the Dominican and he had their number. I don’t know, but you don’t know that many people and that many numbers. And, you know, they call me CIA-FBI because I can find anybody. I should have been a private investigator. At that point, with, you know, the world, the, the web, and the ability to download the apps to reverse White Pages, you can find a name and then you can put it in with the city and area code and you can find the person… a lot of them were caucasian, American women, um, so, and some were just random people all over.

Molly was also asked about Luis’ recent claim that she only dated him and went on 90 Day Fiance for fame and to promote her business. “I’m kind of a local rock star anyway,” Molly says, “and I certainly wouldn’t have put myself as this ‘too many doughnut eating middle-aged desperate cougar’ for fame. I certainly wouldn’t have done that. So, I just want him to accept the fact that if he’s in the wrong, he’s in the wrong, and let’s just all move on, you know?”

Keven openly wondered why Luis doesn’t seem to be moving on, especially considering that he has since remarried. He asks Molly if there are legal ramifications that are somehow preventing him from leaving Molly behind completely.

“That’s what I’m saying. Maybe that’s his pitch so that he would be able to go to his visa appointment — I mean his green card appointment, and get it,” Molly speculates. “So, the domestic violence claim clearly didn’t fly, so let’s come up with something else — that this marriage was a farce. Maybe that’s what it is.”

Just as Molly seems to be moving on from Luis in her real life, The Tomorrow Show hosts eventually moved on from him as well by asking Molly some questions pertaining to her lingerie business. “Who do you think needs help in the bra department?” Keven asks.

Molly pauses for a bit thinking it over. “That’s a great question! I’ll be honest. I would absolutely love to bra fit Cardi B. And I’m gonna tell you why. She wore some diamond encrusted thing and every time her stylist, and I know that she probably wants her breast to show ‘cause she’s — that’s just what happens in the industry. But, if you’re gonna cut out, in a dress or an outfit, the under-liner of your breast cup, it needs to fit in it. I’m going to say it again, you cannot put forty pounds of meat in a twenty-pound sack. You just can’t. That’s a country slogan that we use.”

And who else might benefit from Molly’s undergarment expertise? “I’ll tell you another person,” Molly begins. “And somebody got on to me and said that I didn’t say something very nice. I said the most appropriate thing I could have. It was to Coco. And I was like, ‘girl, you cannot wear that gray sweater dress in a half bra because it looks like you have six boobs instead of two. Like, your figure’s amazing, but let me help you make it better. So, I mean look at Sara Blakely for Spanx. She’s a billionaire off of shape wear. And people need it. Not because they’re fat, or they want to cover something up. They want to look better in their undergarments.”

Molly also said that she would love to fit Tyler Perry when he is dressed as Madea — and she means as part of a movie. I have to confess that Molly fitting Madea would be pretty funny, it’s too bad that Tyler just announced that he has retired the character after 20 years. 🙁

Before Molly’s interview ended she was asked if she had any last messages for Luis and his new wife.

For Luis’ new wife, Molly simply said: “Buena Suerte…Good luck!” And for Luis? “That God that you think I don’t serve, he’s got his eye on you buddy. You need to check yourself. Check yourself, before you go throwing stones. That’s it. Check yourself. Do right. You’re going to stay here and be married. Do right.”

Here’s the full Molly interview with The Tomorrow Show:

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