Dalton’s mom Lisa against Love During Lockup, says WE tv wants him for another season

Love During Lockup Dalton's mom Lisa quote about him returning for another season with or without Haley

Love During Lockup star Haley Cole paid Lisa, the mother of her inmate bae Dalton Edgin, a visit on last week’s episode of Love During Lockup. Haley was distraught after finding out from her attorney that Dalton might be taking advantage of her in an attempt to funnel money to his ex-girlfriend. Lisa had little sympathy for her potential future daughter-in-law.

“Those are things that I have tried to get you to think about since the day we met. I was clear to you: Dalton has a habit of setting his sights on a woman while he’s away, instead of focusing on what he needs to change. And it has never ended up well.”

Lisa continued offering up her insights on Dalton during a confessional interview with producers:

When he’s away, with minimal help, he tends to come back to himself and be the son I knew. So, that is why I didn’t want her to go in and just start putting that upon him because I don’t feel that was going to help him to keep being stronger and grow.

In addition to sharing her views on Dalton on screen, Lisa has also talked about her relationship with her youngest son at length on Facebook, including her thoughts on his decision to be a part of Love During Lockup. Here is an excerpt from a post she made in mid-November after the first Love During Lockup preview trailer was released by WE tv:

I needed a day or two to collect my thoughts after seeing my youngest son’s debut commercial for WE TVs newest spin-off of a show centered on those that find “Love” while incarcerated.

Anyone close to me knows I’ve had SERIOUS reservations regarding the timing and how this show came into being. It may have been the beginning of the end of my marriage when I agreed to meet her and speak on my son’s behalf. But I wasn’t going to NOT have a single person willing to stand behind him. Wasn’t going to happen.

I don’t, personally, want anyone watching that show but – please pray for my son, convinced she is “the one”. And pray for HER and ALL of US.

In honesty, without her and this show, my son wouldn’t likely be about to get out on parole either – so sometimes life IS a matter of perspective.

Lisa mentions that Dalton was “about to get out on parole” at the time. As we previously reported, his parole was approved in January. However, he is still in prison awaiting the completion of a required program.

Lisa confirmed in a later post that Dalton’s early parole was thanks to the lawyer hired by Haley.

“Shout out and HUGE props to his ROCK STAR attorney, the one and only Mr. Bill Habern,” Lisa wrote in another lengthy post on February 4. “That DID get him paroled. Probably no one else could have (or would have). Deserves ANOTHER award for arguing the medical issues that granted my son release.”

Despite being a fan of the attorney Haley hired, it doesn’t seem Lisa (or the attorney) are fans of Haley herself. Lisa also threw some shade at Haley’s civil attorney, Buzz! From Lisa:

For the record, he also told Dalton to turn and run from her and the show (despite HER hiring him. Hmm. Odd.). I won’t say exactly what he had to say about the attorney that went on that show with her. No negativity. Let’s just say he didn’t make the hall of fame cut. Maybe he should have stood up for equal rights before it was fashionably “cool”.

I will include a larger excerpt from Lisa’s February 4 post below. Lisa talks more about the show, including WE tv wanting to bring Dalton back for another season “with or without” Haley. Lisa also references the fact that Dalton’s step-brother committed suicide on Dalton’s birthday in 2013.

Dalton’s Mom Lisa on Love During Lockup

* * * START EXCERPT * * *
Onward. To my 3 beautiful boys!
We lost my step-son Scott tragically, to suicide, in 2013. I think about him every day still. It happened on Dalton’s birthday. I got to actually hug Dalton after telling him. Thanks to Denton County’s mercy, before they locked my son back up. Hard is an understatement. But they were kind.

Dalton’s other brother is a man of few words and extremely private, much like my Mom. I admire his Faith forward talk, even with TOTAL strangers. Brother “D” is a beautiful, sweet, and gentle soul. ❤️❤️❤️ I won’t say his name because he wouldn’t want me to. He hates social media and doesn’t have any accounts at all. But the way I hear him speak with his children IS what I Love most. Kindly. Gently. Patiently.

Maybe you think my felon son, Dalton, doesn’t deserve Grace because of his past, but WE might ask YOU to point out where you find THAT in that Amazing Book? (Surprised that boy knows him some God too? Hmm.)

Put bluntly, Dalton didn’t have a “village” to guide him through the emotional turmoil that ensued. So he continued escaping with drugs and, when it landed him back in jail, he had me. Pretty much only me. Emotionally. At least within our family, There are always girls chasing him. Handsome dudes KNOW they’re handsome too but he WANTED someone that ACTUALLY cared. They’re surrounded by criticism in there. They just block it out.

I was the only one that wrote, visited, and continued whispering God’s Hope back into his ragged, rugged soul regularly. And I was honored to do so. It’s the letters, and phone calls that make the difference. Is it any wonder they turn to women to fill the gap in a place like that?

Player might have gotten played yet mysteriously come out better for it somehow? But HE only has ME saying I’m proud of HIM. Meanwhile 500 dudes in there tell him to do the OPPOSITE of what the ONE person he trusts completely says. Be a PLAYER. They ridicule him for being “weak” and “actually CARING”. They’re telling him to capitalize on this moment. And Momma says “WHAT?!?!?! Don’t you DARE”. He doesn’t need disparaging women advice. More like “Love women RIGHT” advice (by someone qualified to give it).

“Love During Lock Up” debuted a few weeks ago (still under the title “Love After Lock Up”) on Friday nights.

Now he’s hearing the google reviews are saying the opposite of what the guys in there are saying?! He IS legitimately CONFUSED…

…You don’t have to watch the show. But it debuted on WE TV, on Friday night, several weeks ago. Love DURING Lock Up (new spin off) is running under the old name “Love After Lock Up”. They still DO want to follow him when he gets out. With or without that relationship. But he’s working a program, then another. And he’s scared I won’t be here by the time he gets out. I was pretty scared if that too and finally had to tell him.

He’s also getting heat from the guys in there for being “weak” (AKA – ACTUALLY caring) yet the google reviews are painting him as over-bearing? (Is he REALLY?!) That ones hard for me, since I’m a girl. WHO might be able to give that advice specifically?
* * * END EXCERPT * * *

Dalton clearly needs to get his life on track. However, Lisa’s life is anything but stable right now. In addition to recovering from a cancer diagnosis, Lisa also has serious medical issues that she attributes to having breast implants at a younger age.

It is apparently a subject of debate whether or not the medical issues Lisa has are linked to breast implants, and Lisa believes that there are very powerful forces trying to silence her and others about the connection. She goes so far as to suggest that “they” may kill her and try to frame her estranged husband!

Speaking of Lisa’s estranged husband, she is currently divorcing Dalton’s step-dad. Judging from what Lisa writes, the split looks to be anything but amicable.

Below are some excerpts from Lisa’s Facebook posts over the past four months.

Dalton’s mom Lisa’s Facebook posts

October 28
My husband is graciously giving me until the end of the year to either “apologize” better (for my anger and cursing and relentless “crazy” talk at him) get “marriage counseling”, or move on. Have I been angry – YES – but I’m NOT going to apologize (again) because HE never tells what HE did to bring that anger about. Like trying to turn my own FAMILY against believing this story – and calling Dr. K, trying to convince HIM to STOP the very treatments saving my life?!?! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! There’s more, but those are the two that people that Love me MOST are concerned about. And I’ll leave it to him to tell the rest, if he ever will. Because he only seems to talk about how everything is my fault… And, in my experience, those are the Dr.s least likely to change anything for the better in THEM.

I actually told him I’d rather divorce up front, so they wouldn’t try to frame him for my murder (given my large life insurance policy and my treatments draining our financial resources!). But he’s doing me a favor sitting in our pending split til the end of the year, because AM going to have a hard time saying my good-bye share, I n many levels. [sic]

December 4
I went public this way to get over any and all fear. Not for my “self”, because I’m already Living forever. But fear that something worse would be done. To someone I Loved instead. Chiefly, one of the 3 men I’d invested the most Love into in life. Which also is PART of the reason I pushed all 3 of these men away at once too. So … when you tell your husband that what you fear MOST is – if he moved into an apartment “separated” they’d take the opportunity to kill me (and frame him). But – no worries – your story was ALREADY in the hands of attorneys you had asked to DEFEND him (if he WAS framed).

And, then, he does exactly THAT (with 1.5 million in life insurance between us and about the same in retirement and assets liquidated) Whether you’re crazy, or whether you’re RIGHT, I have to ask.


It seems everyone I share my story with or ask help of has bad things befall them next. You’ll hear as we go, but I blame myself for everything anyway. Which is why I stopped asking for help.

My ex-husband has assured me that my father in law was not alone when he fell and died in the shower, while I was on the worst trip of my life in November, 2019. Since my husband announced – once more – that he was going to my dads in July 4th to make what he’d done wrong with them “really” right (despite me saying there was no need, they believed ME now) it was a text I received the morning his mother passed suddenly on that trip that I haven’t gotten over yet.

I told him I never wanted to talk about it again, but because of that text, I just needed to know that someone saw his mother fall into that water when she drowned. Because he’d announced loudly to me many times that his mom was the only one that believed me and that his sister had hated me since the morning of my step-sons death – for doing what my husband TOLD ME to do. Save our other son.

I discussed this fear with my husband, but since I’d already been banned from discussing any of this, new fears were off limits too. So could someone just relieve these irrational fears of mine and tell me that someone she KNEW saw my mother-in-law fall into the water the night of July 3rd? Because I know the majority of things that seem suspicious can’t all be true. And I need to NOT carry that irrational burden too. It was reading my husband’s ridicule of me, as expressed in notes he wrote to a counselor he was trying to convince that the Empath he married (me) WAS the narcissist… that made me decide that I had to un-love him right, before leaving…

…Un-Loving my husband was the goal y’all. I have this horrible habit of selling myself short based on how I define Love (ie – Fidelity – putting your spouse first, behind God alone, in all things). So, to un-Love him, I had to push the two boys he all but dis-owned back towards him, and tell him I was pushing back on all 3 at once. Then watch him do what I knew he’d do next. Try to angle it to where one (or both) of them Loved HIM best instead. After all those years of turning his back on them, and talking horribly about them. Ridiculing me for talking to my OWN SON every day in jail. If he played THEM against me, I knew I’d never Love him again after that.

My boys are hard to Love at times, but I WILL be here when they come back around. I’m the one that never left, and my story has never changed. There are people onto my husband that he doesn’t even know about yet. The funny part…

I’ll NEVER tell.

December 11
Because my son tried to convince my DAD that the GOAL here IS to BE perfect in THESE bodies. And you should have SEEN my Dad tell him like it is. It was EXACTLY what that child of mine needed right about then. In all the RIGHT ways. I tried to get my current husband to make things right with that boy, but he wouldn’t. So I had to throw my self in front of THAT bus too. To make him come back to Earth. Thank God my Dad and Sis came to see me right about then. While my husband was busy trying to make my son in jail be his new favorite. Since I’m not anymore. You see, some people DON’T realize what they have until it’s gone and I was banking on that with my husband. I actually TOLD him I was pushing ALL 3 boys I Loved most away AT THE SAME TIME. Then did it. To see who my husband REALLY was. And it worked.

Love During Lockup Dalton's mom Lisa Facebook quote

January 24
Some don’t understand the compassion I have for my boys, despite the pain WE’ve all been through.

But, see, only I KNOW what THEY have been through. REALLY. Because ONLY I WAS THERE. For everything. But I don’t regret a single decision, even the mistakes. Because I didn’t know they WERE mistakes. I REALLY DID do the best I knew how to do. Still am, in fact.

I thought the focus on money was a problem because it seemed WE never had enough of THAT growing up. Money, I mean. And WE focused on it a LOT.

So, obviously, if I found a way to have enough of THAT, WE would be fine. RIght????

Well, I’m not too proud to admit I was WRONG. It was TIME. So silly, I used to SAY that was even more important to me. Than money, I mean. TIME. If I only had more of it.

I think I suffered a bit from absent Mom syndrome, but only when Mom felt sad. So I tried to cheer her up, so SHE could be happy Mom again. Perhaps that gave me a different view than most. A way of seeing HER that few share.

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