90 DAY FIANCÉ Will Hamza see his baby again? Memphis custody battle update

As 90 Day Fiancé’s Yve Arellano finds her marriage to Mohamed Abdelhamed dissolving fast as a result of scandalous texts sent by Mohamed to another woman earlier this year and domestic violence charges being filed against Yve last month. Another cast member also finds herself in a marital struggle with her spouse and the circumstances seem strangely similar. Viewers may remember from season 5 of 90 Day Fiancè: Before the 90 Days where Memphis Smith went to Tunisia to meet her Middle Eastern Prince Charming, Hamza Moknii.

Viewers saw Memphis meet Hamza’s family and have disagreements with Hamza due to their cultural differences. Memphis eventually married Hamza in Tunisia in a beautiful traditional wedding, and soon after announced to him that she was pregnant with their child (his first, her third). Hamza was eventually brought over to the U.S. on a spousal visa. Soon after, however, things started to go terribly wrong and the couple separated with Hamza moving out of Memphis’ Michigan home and moving to Chicago.

Since moving, Hamza has been busy posting model-type pictures on the streets of Chicago in front of different landmarks and such. But some have speculated that Hamza may be staying in Chicago and applying for a “U Visa” on the basis of Memphis being an abusive spouse. At the time of their initial separation, Hamza’s sister Rawia was very vocal on social media about Memphis’ treatment of Hamza, which included spending time with her ex alone and accusing Hamza of abusing her children.

Hamza has since expressed his desire to see his daughter on social media. We have not yet seen what the baby looks like or her name. But Hamza has given us a sneak peek.

Hamza Reuniting With Daughter “Very Soon”

It looks like Hamza’s reunion with his baby girl may be imminent. Hamza recently posted to his stories that he is being reunited with her “very soon” and he’s grateful for the American court system.

Memphis took to Instagram to clear up any misconceptions that she may have lost custody of her daughter. One can assume that Hamza has established some sort of visitation schedule for now and custody will be worked out once Hamza’s immigration status is finalized.

Hopefully Memphis and Hamza can put their issues aside and remain cordial for the sake of co-parenting their daughter.

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