90 DAY FIANCÉ Who is Angela Deem’s new friend Billy? Former stripper, painter, Playgirl model & more!

90 Day Fiance Angela Deem and Billy from Canada

Angela Deem has made her way back on to our TV screens with her appearance on episode 3 of 90 Day Financè: Happily Ever After. Fans are left wondering once again whether her husband Michael Ilesami will face another season of abuse from Angela or if he will actually make it to the United States once and for all.

From the beginning, things don’t look too hopeful for Michael. Angela immediately declares that since her drastic plastic surgeries, Michael’s attitude has not been the same towards her. She even confesses to her attorney (much to his dismay) that their phone sex life is not what is used to be. Angela confides that she is feeling neglected and is worried that Michael may be “scamming her” since he “demanded” money from her to take down his Instagram account that he knows Angela disapproves of.

Michael better watch out though, because there is a real life Thief of Hearts around and he might just be the next one to steal Angela’s heart. Angela introduced viewers to her new friend, Tik-Tok dance partner and former male dancer, Billy. And from we can see so far, Billy brings out the smile and shimmy in Angela. But who is Billy?

What we do know is his real name is Bill Sotiropoulous and he is originally from Toronto, Canada. According to posts on both his Facebook and Instagram page, Billy has appeared numerous times on the pages of Playgirl magazine.

Billy is also a talented painter which is how Angela says they met. Angela apparently commissioned Billy’s artistic talents for a painting she wanted done for Michael and their friendship grew from there.

As evidenced from their TikTok videos, Billy and Angela also have a lot chemistry together, whether it be dancing or “singing” duets to each other. According to Angela, this is another way they have deepened their bond in the absence of emotional support from Michael. One has to wonder what Michael thinks about all this.

@angeladeem1.27 #duet with @originalthiefofhearts #everybodylovesbilly#kidbeytransplant ♬ When I Need You (Remastered) – Leo Sayer

Billy is not all about TikTok videos and art however. Billy suffers from a rare autoimmune disease called MPGN which can lead to kidney failure. As a result of his condition, Billy currently finds himself on a waiting list for a transplant. Billy uses his social media platforms and his “friendship” which Angela to promote awareness of kidney failure and the need for organ donors.

It seems however, that Angela is ready to throw Michael to the side and start something new with Billy.  She even brought up the idea of possibly visiting him in his home country. This thought alone could possibly start a war amongst the neighboring countries:

I have contacted the “Thief of Hearts” for comment about his relationship with Angela. As you can see, he is adamant they are just friends and that Angela is a great advocate in his search for a living kidney donor. Something interesting to note however, Billy continues to refer to Michael as Angela’s “husband”. Does this mean things have worked out between the two?

Stay tuned for all the drama with Angela, Michael and her new “friend” Billy on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After airing Sunday nights at 8/7 on TLC.

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