INMATE TO ROOMMATE Bill interview: Mark eats meat? Sharna kicked the cat? Bill spills all the tea!

Inmate To Roommate Bill

Viewers of A&E’s new series Inmate to Roommate have become quickly addicted to the stories of various people, from different walks of life, who have decided to take in a roommate straight out of prison. The reasons behind taking in an unconventional roommate varies with each person featured on the series. Some have prior relationships with the inmate before their incarceration, some were introduced to the inmate by mutual friends or family. In William Steel’s case, they met through a pen-pal site.

William “Bill” Steel is one of the inmates featured who moves in with Seventh-day Adventist pen pal Sharna and her husband Mark after serving eighteen years (with a very short break) in prison. From day one it seemed like the living situation was doomed. First, it was the bedroom with the unicorn nightlight and childlike sheets on the bed. Then, Sharna and Mark had rules for Bill to follow. A LOT of rules!

Bill recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the YouTube channel Kiki & Kibbitz and he disclosed a little more about his time with Sharna and Mark and their rules. Bill confided that he believed most of Sharna’s irrational behavior was driven by jealousy of Bill’s current girlfriend, Mary. Bill further shared some behind-the-scenes details of an upcoming scene where Sharna comes to his bedroom door late at night asking “to talk.”

Bill, for all of his past crimes, wants to put it all behind him and just live his life helping others. He also wants to improve his health after being in prison for eighteen years. Now that he is free, the man just wants some protein! As viewers know, Sharna and Mark have a “no meat rule” in their home because they are both vegetarian.

Or are they? Bill drops the tea that when Sharna was not around, Mark would eat meat with Bill!! Bill also talked about the time that Sharna kicked the family cat when it was begging for food at the table. Bill said Sharna terrorized the whole household including the poor cat.

You can find the full interview with Bill and all the meaty details here:

Will Bill escape Sharna and Mark’s home and all their crazy rules? Follow all the continuing drama on Inmate to Roommate airing Thursday nights at 10/9c on A&E!

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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