90 DAY FIANCÉ HEA Who is Angela’s friend Rene? What happened to JoJo?

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Angela Deem's friend Rene

This season on 90 Day Fiancè Happily Ever After Angela Deem has a new crew. First she introduced us to her TikTok dancing partner and social media crush, Billy from Canada. Just the mention of his name makes her smile and with all the questions she has about her husband Michael Ilesanmi “scamming” her, Angela says she might find herself in Canada visiting her real life “Thief of Hearts” really soon.

Angela is upset at the fact that Michael has an Instagram account and refuses to take it down. Michael apparently demanded five thousand dollars from Angela to do so. She is so sure Michael is using his social media account for unsavory purposes she is flying out to Nigeria to surprise him. But she isn’t going alone! She is going with her new BFF Rene.

Angela’s new BFF Rene Smith is the owner of D&R Barber & Nail Shop in Union City, CA and as seen on her Instagram page, she has posted many pictures with her new friend. Rene tells viewers that she met Angela in an airport and they bonded over cigarettes. Rene even bribed an airport bathroom attendant so she and Angela could smoke and “chop it up” in the privacy of a public airport bathroom.

The last time Angela went to Nigeria, however, she brought another friend with her. Angela had her friend JoJo witness her Nigerian wedding ceremony to Michael. She and JoJo were so close they used to call each other “Sissy.” What happened to their friendship?

According to an interview JoJo did with the YouTube channel, The Melanated Way, it all started with what was supposed to be a birthday celebration in Las Vegas for JoJo that went horribly wrong. Fellow cast member Debbie Johnson is also involved — and lots of alcohol. Angela accused her longtime friend of many horrible deeds, and their friendship just imploded after that. See the full interview here:

Rene meeting Angela in the airport seems to coordinate with these comments that JoJo has made on social media about how Rene and Angela met. And, it seems to have happened on the ill-fated Las Vegas trip that reportedly ended JoJo’s friendship with Angela.

As we can see from upcoming Happily Ever After previews, Angela is headed back to Nigeria with Rene at her side to attempt to find out answers from Michael in true Angela fashion. Fellow cast member Usman at one point expressed his frustration with Angela at how she is treating his fellow country man Michael and offered to “help” him:

Stay tuned for all the continuing drama with Angela, Michael (and maybe Usman too!) on 90 Day Fiancè Happily Ever After airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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