LOVE IN PARADISE Does Carlos have a new admirer? From another reality show?!

On this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, we were introduced to one of the first same-sex couples on the series: American, DeJuan “VaLentine” and Carlos Jimenez from Columbia. VaLentine traveled to Columbia to meet his long-haired knight in shining armor and viewers watched as they experienced bumps along the way.

A major obstacle for Carlos was accepting VaLentine’s polyamorous relationship views. Another major obstacle was Carlos coming out to family, his sister in particular. The end of the season, however, ended happily with VaLentine proposing to Carlos and returning to Los Angeles to apply for the K-1 Visa for his fiancé.

Carlos has been keeping himself busy while he waits to join his fiancé in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old-former customer service representative and current personal trainer seems to have many hobbies, such as showing off his workout regimens and posting “thirst-trap” pictures. One particular recent post is getting a lot of attention, and you may be surprised by whom.

Love In Paradise meets I Love A Mama’s Boy

Shekeb Sekander has been at odds with his mother Laila Sekander over this relationship with his fiancé Emily Chu on I Love A Mama’s Boy for the past three seasons now. Viewers have watched as Emily has struggled against Laila’s efforts to sabotage the relationship between her son Shekeb and Emily. At one point, Laila even goes so far to introduce Shekab to another woman with hopes to lure Shekab away from the “crazy” Emily.

By looking at the flirting that was going on in the comment section of Carlos’ pizza post, captured by Instagram account Merrypants, it seems like maybe Laila might have a new boyfriend to meet soon?

Shekab has liked many of Carlos’ pictures before. On this particular one, though, he commented: “I’ve watched something online that resembled this. I was scared to swipe.” This seems to me to be a flirtatious comment. Another Instagram user, who appears to know Carlos and is aware of his polyamorous relationship, commented on the flirty behavior.

With all of the comments flying around in Carlos’ comment section (and the pictures they are posted under), one has to wonder what VaLentine must think about his fiancé’s behavior on social media. Considering he is a big believer in polyamorous relationships, it may not bother him too much, but one has to also wonder what Laila Sekander must feel about this. If she was upset about Shekab bringing home Emily, imagine what her reaction to Carlos might be?

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