LOVE IN PARADISE Aryanna and Sherlon update: What’s their status?

Viewers of 90 Day Fiancè: Love in Paradise will recall how Aryanna Sierra met Sherlon McInnis while she was on vacation in Jamaica with her sister. Aryanna and Sherlon had sparks flying, and before Aryanna knew it, she was returning to the United States with a surprise souvenir. She gave birth to their child Odin in January 2021.

As Season 2 began, viewers saw Aryanna preparing to bring Odin to Jamaica for the first time to meet his father. But we also learn that Sherlon has not been there financially or emotionally for Odin. Aryanna expresses frustration that Sherlon is not being the best long distance co-parent he can be and seems more concerned with continuing with his free-spirt bachelor ways in paradise.

Aryanna takes a trip down to Jamaica with hopes to rekindle the spark that they first had when they first met. They even go on some dates and have alone time. Sherlon is always wavering, but expresses desire to do right. Aryanna returns to the United States with Odin, and Sherlon laments that he will miss his son — but no mention of missing Aryanna. Was this couple able to hold things together?

In a now deleted Instagram comment, Aryanna rips into Sherlon over a post he made “explaining” the difference between a “Baby Mama” and “Mother of Your Child”. According to his post, a “Baby Mama is a female who is mad at the fact she can’t have you back, so she becomes spiteful, jealous, and crazy.” Meanwhile, a “mother of your child” is “a woman who knows the relationship you had is over and there’s no hard feelings. She works with you, compromises, and stays consistent so that both of you have a lasting and healthy relationship with the children”.

Sherlon seems to be doing well in the romance department. Not only did he post a picture from a date night in August with a mystery woman, but now it seems like he is engaged?

As for Aryanna & Odin, Aryanna had to recently cut a family vacation short and rush Odin to the hospital for an undisclosed health scare.

We are glad to report that Odin appears to be doing better now, from what we can see on Aryanna’s social media. When I contacted Aryanna, she had no comment about Sherlon’s current relationship or Odin’s health scare, but did want to clarify that Odin’s last name has been changed legally since Sherlon was never listed on the birth certificate and is not considered legally his father.

As Aryanna and Odin continue to live their lives together, I only hope that Aryanna and Sherlon can work something out for the sake of Odin. Sherlon needs to step up his game financially and emotionally, according to Aryanna, and be a bigger presence in their son’s life. I wish them all the best.

Mary Krueger is a writer for Starcasm and 1/2 of Kiki and Kibbitz. You can contact Mary via IG @KikiandKibbitz or Twitter at @KikiKibbitz.

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