Giada’s breasts continue to infuriate, inspire Food Network Star viewers

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Food Network Star would be a great show without Giada’s breasts getting in the way–or, at least, that seems to be the concensus of a vocal and persistent group of fans of Food Network’s flagship competition programme. Though it’s been a year since we first reported on the controversy involving Giada’s breasts (which controversy, as far as we can tell, appears to be that they exist), it looks like things have calmed down not a whit.

In fact, Giada’s breasts were a trending topic on Twitter during the 2015 Food Network Star finale, thanks to her dress’ plunging neckline and viewers’ proximity to internet-connected keyboards. Fan site Food Network Gossip even has an ongoing discussion thread devoted to the question of whether or not Giada’s outfits are, in general, too revealing for a hyper-produced cooking show the purpose of which is to teach contestants how draw attention to themselves.

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Though it’s worth pointing out that the comments aren’t all negative, it looks like some fans have begun to wonder whether Giada’s breasts aren’t the main attraction of the entire show–especially considering the generally underwhelming response to Food Network Star‘s three 2016 finalists. Here’s a small sampling of the big reaction:

Food Network Star airs Sunday nights at 9 PM EST on Food Network. The controversy over the presence and proper cloaking technique of Giada’s breasts rages continually.

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