VIDEO Rex Ryan’s unforgettable tattoo of his wife in a Sanchez jersey Tebowing

It took eccentric Jets head coach Rex Ryan to finally unseat Kat Von D and her “Jesse James as a kid rainbow armpit tattoo” as the possessor of my favorite celebrity ink. The New York Daily News got a photo of Ryan sunbathing in the Bahamas and what appeared on his arm is nothing short of supreme fabulousness.

There were two tats, and everyone is questioning if they are real or not but I’m going to hope with all of my heart they are. One is of a shamrock plus the names of his wife and children. The other is the one you see above in a still shot frame from an ESPN clip. I can’t use the original here because that bad rascal is photo-gold.

What you see is Ryan’s wife, Michelle, in a provocative pose leering towards you wearing only a Mark Sanchez jersey in what could be described as a Tebowingesque pose.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Jets, I admit this loses a lot of its steam but I’ll explain. Ryan made a huge, in the eyes of the media, off season trade for the wildly popular Tim Tebow, then hardly used him at all at quarterback while continually backing Mark Sanchez who had, by all accounts, a brutal year. Ryan hitched his ride to Sanchez and fell miserably flat in spite of all his “we’re going to win the Super Bowl” posturing.

When the ax started falling and coaches were getting fired on Monday following the end of the regular season, some were surprised that Ryan wasn’t on that list. Many blamed Ryan’s decision to bring in Tebow and the circus atmosphere that it caused as a primary reason for Sanchez’s struggles. Then they gave him hell for not playing Tebow as the season went south.

You know, I don’t even care if it’s fake. If it is then Ryan or a great photoshopper is a genius.

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