Farrah Abraham hosting live vaginal surgery with Dr. Sheila Nazarian on Monday

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Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham raised a few eyebrows this season when she decided to share her vaginal rejuvenation procedure on the show, and now she is following that up with a “Designer Vagina” Q&A plus live surgery event on Instagram!

Farrah will be teaming up with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian for the vuh-jay-jay par-tay-tay. Dr. Sheila is the founder of The Skin Spot and Nazarian Plastic Surgery and is not stranger to sharing her surgical procedures with the internet via her Youtube channel. If you click the link, you will see a number of labiaplasty procedures available to watch, in addition to numerous others.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of surgery will be featured on Monday, and it’s also unclear if it will be Farrah herself undergoing the procedure. I followed up on Dr. Sheila’s social media accounts and websites and could find nothing about the “Designer Vagina” event with Farrah. As a result, all we have to go on in this information graphic posted by Farrah on Instagram and Twitter:

Farrah Abraham Designer Vagina vaginal surgery live Instagram event with Dr Sheila Nazarian

Unfortunately, the image doesn’t tell you where to tune in. But, I am guessing that if you monitor Farrah’s Instagram account, she will reveal that information soon.

The Q&A session actually got started a little early in the comments section of Farrah’s Instagram post, including these exchanges:

COMMENTER: Jesus Christ. You should not be promoting this to young women and girls.

FARRAH: 25-35 year old women are my demographic who bring up Designer Vagina questions- That is why it’s important to learn more??‍♀️

COMMENTER: It was the only natural thing you had

FARRAH: who said it wouldn’t be natural?! Watch & learn??‍♀️

COMMENTER: Interesting. I’ve always been curious as to what this is and what it does. Looking forward to the live feed. ?

FARRAH: it will be a great experience! ??‍♀️

So whatya think? Will you be tuning in to see Farrah’s Designer Vagina show on Monday? I’m still recovering from watching Dr. Miami’s Snapchat procedures on Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus, but of course I will be tuned in — both out of curiosity, and because it is my crazy, crazy job!

And, of course, no Farrah Abraham post involving a vagina would be complete without one of the greatest Teen Mom photos of all time — Farrah wearing a vagina costume:

Farrah Abraham vagina costume


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