Waka and Tammy divorce update: LHHATL stars allegedly broken up by his cheating ways

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The sudden news of the Waka and Tammy divorce has raised many questions about the couple: Are Waka and Tammy still together? Why are they splitting up? And is anyone else responsible for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars’ pending separation? We have a few more answers than earlier this week, when news of the split ripped through the LHHATL fan community like a Cardi B insult gone viral. Apparently,  Simone Patton, the woman Waka allegedly kept on the side, decided to come forth with an apology to the couple–though her involvement in anything to do with the Waka and Tammy divorce is still unconfirmed.

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Simone, pictured above, took to Instagram to declare that she was the real reason for the Waka and Tammy divorce, as Waka had been keeping her as his side piece for some time. Though the post has since been deleted, the internet never forgets–here’s what she had to say about her role in the split, courtesy of BET:

I made a mistake being involved with Waka, I will admit that. One night of fun turned into months of drama. Had I known any of this would have happened I would have NEVER gotten involved. But let’s not sit here and judge me for my mistake when we has [sic] humans have made plenty throughout our lives! It’s not right of me to poke fun and post memes about their marriage, but I was just being petty like we all get at times. With that being said this will be my last post about these two. I wish them nothing but the best and I truly mean that. I know I’m still gonna get the hateful comments and that’s fine, but just know I will always be ok.

While Simone was trying to get out ahead of the story and take responsibility–sort of–for what she’d done, Tammy was having none of it. According to Mrs. Rivera, there was no side piece, and she and Waka’s problems are their own:

Well, someone isn’t telling the truth. Doubtless it will all come out at the reunion 😉 The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta drama continues Monday nights at 8 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: Waka and Tammy divorce via Instagram)

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