Married at First Sight’s Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen divorcing after cheating reports

MAFS Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen


Less than one week after the finale for the second season of Married at First Sight aired, it seems all of the couples are heading toward divorce. At the end of the six-week experiment, Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar decided to end their relationship. Then, despite initially opting to stay married, Jessica Castro got a restraining order against Ryan De Nino last week and is reportedly seeking an annulment. Now it seems Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone are also getting a divorce.

In the same forum comment where a someone who claimed to be connected to Married at First Sight production revealed some details about Ryan D. and Jessica’s relationship, the person said Ryan R. cheated on Jaclyn during the experiment with an ex-girlfriend:


Other lies Ryan has told come out such as he does not support his family. He never paid his mother money to live there. His mom would complain she wanted Ryan to move out because he ate all their food and never contributed money… She really tried with Ryan but he was such a mamas boy he never spent one night in that apartment with her. He said he had anxiety and had to go home. He went home every night. Or as she knows now some nights to his ex girlfriends house. You wont see shots of them waking up together until decision day.


Ryan quickly responded to the accusations on Instagram by calling the claims “bullsh*t” and saying he’s “faithful.” He also denied the claims in a now-deleted Facebook post and said, “For those that criticize me being a mommas boy, yeah my family means more than anything in this world… to put the people you know who are forever in front of a stranger has been the hardest thing in my life.”

He added in another now-deleted message, “By the way my ex lives back in canada. So take your rumor and shove it up your a**.”


Ryan Ranellone Facebook


However, Jaclyn seemed to confirm they really split by issuing a joint statement with Davina and Jessica on Sunday night:

“It feels like it’s the us against the world. We are supporting each other and we hope the truth is revealed soon. Tnx for the support. #MAFS,” the ladies said in a tweet that was posted by Chris Pierro and retweeted by Jaclyn.


Jaclyn Methuen MAFS Split


She also isn’t wearing her wedding ring any more–which you can see in the photo above–and is no longer friends with Ryan on their personal Facebook pages.

As for why this season of Married at First Sight had such horrible results, the seemingly credible “production source” said casting happened in just a few weeks, versus one year for the first season. Even then, “NONE of these men wanted to be married,” but agreed to participate in the show to advance their careers or fame. Even worse, “They did the casting so fast the men were never drug tested or std tested like the women were.” The person added, “Only reason why I am speaking out as I will never work for that network again.”

Filming for the third season is already underway in Atlanta. Casting was reportedly conducted the same way as the second season — which is not only bad news for viewers, but is obviously a negligent and reckless way to treat the participants.

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