PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ ex Gary Head says he proposed, claims Jenelle is with Kieffer Delp now

Jenelle Evans Gary Head Twitter feud

The bitter Twitter break up between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and Marine ex-boyfriend Gary Head continues, but since Jenelle deleted her account last week it’s been pretty much a one-way street. In the latest barrage of broken-hearted tweetage Gary claims that he proposed to Jenelle and she accepted – he even shared a photo of the engagement ring from Reeds Jewelers!

So what set off the tweet revenge this time? Gary says he found out Jenelle spent the weekend with her other ex, (ex-boyfriend, ex-convict, ex-tra trouble) Kieffer Delp! According to Gary, Jenelle paid for his bus ticket from wherever he’s drifted to of late and then picked him up at the bus station. To back up the story, Gary posted a photo of Kieffer in Jenelle’s bedroom sent to him by the Delper himself. Some questioned the authenticity of the image, so Gary then posted a screen cap of the text message conversation with Kieffer that included the photo.

Lawdy lawd! I just hope the MTV cameras were around for all of this! But, something tells me they missed out – which they seem to do with lots of Jenelle’s more dramatic events, believe it or not.

Anyways, here are the bullet point highlights followed by the Cliff’s Notes version of Gary’s tweets (with the photos included):

• Gary proposed to Jenelle and she said yes

• Kieffer Delp spent most of the weekend with Jenelle and even texted a photo of himself in Jenelle’s room to Gary. From the text conversation – Kieffer: “Its otw lmao playing us both lol.” Gary: “Yeap. Now you have her.”

• Kieffer has a new hoodie! (I wonder if @KieffersHoodie has heard the bad news)

• Jenelle apparently has a poster of herself in her bedroom (?)

• Jenelle and Gary still talk often and that’s how he found out about Kieffer being back in her life

Gary Head tweets a photo of Kieffer Delp alelgedly in Jenelle Evans' bedroom April 2012
Gary Head tweets a photo of the engagement ring he says he bought for Jenelle Evans
Text messages between Jenelle Evans boyfriends Kieffer Delp and Gary Head